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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Peru.

Team Bodwell heads to Peru

Posted in Peru on April 7, 2017

Wednesday, April 19

After teaching some of the students some dances and games, it was our turn to learn how to cook sweet potato and cinnamon muffins.

After working hard throughout the day, a few moments were needed to take a break to hug, make conversation and clown around a little. Work hard play hard. 💪👊

Team Bodwell,

DWC volunteers to Peru, April 2017


Tuesday, April 18

Yesterday after work, this beautiful family invited us to their home. This room is one home and contains one of three sisters and her four kids. In the next two rooms are the other two homes, with another four and three kids. Fourteen people, one shared kitchen and bathroom and no running water. It might be hard for us to imagine our daily lives like this, but one other stark contrast to our northwestern lifestyles was the sense of community and overwhelming love and affection. The kids were climbing all over us giving hugs and kisses and cuddles and never stopped smiling. This single mom proves that providing for a family is not in the items you own but the love that you give.

Lots of love here!

Team Bodwell,

DWC volunteers to Peru, April 2017


Monday, April 17

Schools back in session. Today while we worked at the job site we got to interact with some of the students. Turns out “Keiichi” is a really fun word to say. The Peru team works hard! And the hour long bus ride home is the perfect time to catch some 💤

Team Bodwell,

DWC volunteers to Peru, April 2017


Friday, April 14

This is where we are building the school.

Mandy giving serious attention to detail.

The fruit market! So delicious and the fruit is giant. We also learned about the incredible NGO program for youth workers. Children from 10 years old and upwards can work at the fruit market to help earn income for their families as long as they stay in school. It can also help provide opportunities for them to go to university later in life. A great learning experience today!

Team Bodwell,

DWC volunteers to Peru, April 2017


Thursday, April 13

Landed in Lima. Went for a walk in Kennedy Park. Hit the beach. And did some sightseeing in downtown Lima.

Team Bodwell,

DWC volunteers to Peru, April 2017


Wednesday, April 12

When amazing Bodwell students like Alireza donate money to help support those less fortunate in Peru! This is what compassion looks like. Thank you Alireza for your donation, the Peru team will put it to good use!

Thanks to all the Bodwell staff and students who donated money or bought candy grams. All money raised is going to buy school supplies for children in need in Peru. Special thank you to Ms. May and Harvest Project and Ms. Mehin and her Norooz team who donated their raised money to our cause.

Team Bodwell,

DWC volunteers to Peru, April 2017


Friday, April 7

Welcome to the Bodwell Peru trip blog.  Watch for updates from our Peru team who are participating on the Bodwell Peru trip. We leave soon!

Hello, everyone! My name is Candice, I’m from China. I am a 16-year-old Grade 11 student in Bodwell high school.This is my first year of study in Canada, everything for me is new and special.

I am very lucky that I can apply for volunteer job for helping children to have nice a education in Peru. I have never been to South America before; I always imagine the gold beach, blue sky, fresh air, delicious Latino foods and tons of ancient sites, and now everything will come true. It will be the most significant activity in my student career. I am a friendly, out-going and adventurous girl, so I’d love to share my ideas and help for the local Peruvian people. I believe Peru trip will totally change my life, for example, new ideas, values, and humanistic care.

Thanks for giving me a chance to explore and practice, I will try my best to complete my job , do everything attentively and diligently, and cherish the time with my lovely team members.

Hi, I’m Pandhawe Theeramunkong, but my friends like to call me Gwen. I grew up in Thailand and I’ve seen people living in poverty. It makes me feel the need to do something about it. This Peru trip is a step in my volunteering journey. My goal is to help the children there as much as I can during the two weeks. I hope for people in my generation to see the importance in helping those who needed.

Hello, My name is Samir, I’m 15 years old and I have lived in Canada all my life. I want to go to Peru because I like to travel and visit new places. My goal is to learn as much as I can about Peruvian culture and  way of life. I am very excited to see Machu Picchu.

Hi I’m Shunsuke, 17 years old, from Japan. I’ve been studying for two years in Canada. In the past two years, I’ve learned lots of things, such as English, cultural difference and stuff. I’m looking forward to visiting Peru because it’s going to be my first time to go to South America, and also going to Machu Picchu. Additionally, I’m excited to build a school and volunteer, and I am sure that it’s going to be one of the best experiences in my entire life.

Hi, my name is Jan Sasiwimol Techapitikul and I’m a grade 12 student at Bodwell. I have never been to Peru, so I’m looking forward for going to Peru. I’m excited to build a school for them because my purpose of going to Peru is to build them a school.

Hello, my name is Eric. I’m a grade 10 student at Bodwell. I’m looking forward to seeing Peru because I have never been to South America before. I’m excited to explore new villages, and see the ancient Incan ruins. I’m also looking forward to help contribute to building a new school for a Peruvian community. Thank you!

Hi, my name is Keiichi, and I’m a student at Bodwell High School. I am really looking forward to seeing Peru because I really want to see Machu Picchu that is a world heritage. I am interested in feeling a part of Peruvian culture. Also, I really want to contribute to try solving poverty in Peru.

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