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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Guatemala.


Posted in Guatemala on April 19, 2017

April 18

Tiny but mighty! Our illustrious group met up on Easter Sunday in this strongly Catholic country. Chris and Gail Hills arrived on Friday so were able to enjoy the best Easter parade of the weekend, including a 3.5-ton float carried by a rotating pool of 80 men (about 90 lbs. each to carry)!

Sunday was our day to get oriented so we all wandered various places, including Antigua's busy central square. There is much history in this UNESCO World Heritage site, including structures built by the Spaniards 300-plus years ago and damaged by the frequent earthquakes.

Today (Monday) we travelled to San Miguel Duenas. As you will see in the attached photo, the team had to take over as our team leader was too worn out.

We met Teresa at Open Windows, had a nice tour of her facility followed by a good lunch. We then went for a long walk to see our site for tomorrow's build, followed by visits to three previous builds, including meeting all the happy families. It’s great to see how much they have each done with their new home since the teams left.

Our team leader finally revived after receiving a blessing, so we were able to get a photo of our group plus our excellent host Teresa.

We’re looking forward to getting our hands dirty starting Tuesday!

Tom, Dennis, Chris, Gail

DWC volunteers, Guatemala, April 2017

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