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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Guatemala.

Kamloops Boys and Girls Club Youth Council in Guatemala

Posted in Guatemala on August 25, 2017

August 24, 2017

For the past couple of days, we have been building the Eco Stoves with the Open Windows Foundation. It was such an amazing experience! The first day was super long and tiring as we climbed many, many hills. After the demonstration, we all realized it wasn't going to take as long as we thought and thought it looked easy and fast to do. Yes, it was fast to do, done in 15 minutes maximum unless there was a small issue (which was easily solved). But they were very heavy, which we did not expect so much, we did know the parts were made of concrete of course. The bricks were definitely much lighter than expected but the last two parts we needed at least 4 people to help carry the parts. In a total, we built 25 stoves to help families breathe healthier than they were.

The best part was the smiles we saw from every single family we provided a stove. As we built each stove, the family would gather around as we built their new stove. Sometimes they would even try to help, but we told them no need to. Each stove we did, we got to see the transition from their old stove to the new one. The difference in how they used to cook to now is such an amazing change. Every single time at the end, we got to hear how thankful they were for us providing them such a healthier living style. They would offer us a gift such as pop, mangos, and corn! We even gave them some of our extra lunches and give their animals treats.





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