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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Guatemala.

Kamloops Boys and Girls Club Youth Council in Guatemala

Posted in Guatemala on August 28, 2017

August 24, 2017

For the past couple of days, we’ve been doing many things.The beginning of Wednesday started with an ecofiltro tour. We met the founder who told us the story of how/why he started it and how he was a social entrepreneur. He showed us the original model and why it worked so well. He told us about how his sister wanted to give the filters away for free and why it did not work. People have honor and pride so if someone spends money on something they are less likely to treat it like garbage than if they bought it. Then for the rest of Wednesday, we started painting the church in Duenas! We walked from the Open Windows Foundation to the church because it was only about a 5-minute walk. We started in the inner chambers. We had lunch back at the Open Windows Foundation’s Library. Then once we finished lunch we went back and did all we could for the rest of the day. With 7/9 of us there, we managed to finish 3 of the 5 areas we were painting.

Then Thursday we started with painting in the morning after breakfast! We worked and joked while listening to music in our headphones. When Lunch rolled around we were working on the last area, with all of our people there it seemed much faster. After lunch, we had some free time before we had to meet up again so some of us explored Duenas a little bit. Then we went to the Church again and finished the last area. The last area was hard but the most satisfying because we were near the prayer room, which was in use the whole time, so we had to be very silent. When we were working people would greet us before and after they prayed. Seeing the difference was amazing. The old walls were discoloured and crumbling a little but with a fresh coat of white paint, it looked practically new again! When we finished the last area we cleaned everything up and looked on in pride. The rest of the day was ours to essentially do what we want.

-Dustyn & Ali

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