Adventures in Cambodia November 1, 2017

Angkor Wat Cambodia

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Monday, October 23, 2017

7am – The weekend is over and ,hi ho , hi ho–it’s back to work we go !
Four new families , four more latrines to build.
Were are no longer apprentices and now have our journeyman papers we feel these will go up in no time – and they do. Good thing because we can only work shorter days due to major rain and severe thunder and lightening storms !
This gives us time to do a little more exploring.
Pepper farm- we learned how the famous kampot pepper is grown – and the difference between red, black, green and white pepper,
Firefly boat cruise- we sat on the floor on the top deck and literally had to duck our heads as we passed the three major bridges in kampot.- the fireflies were amazing!
Some of us swam in the Gulf of Thailand,
Some had massages and pedicures,
Some learned to harvest rice from the rice fields and others taught the locals how to “unstuck” the bus.
And we enjoyed playing  with the children. We had so much fun playing soccer, brick bowling using coconut balls, hand clapping games, and Cambodian dodge ball taught to us by the children.
We tried learning new words every day and had good fun and laughs testing our skill on the families.
Oh! By the way Jenn, have we told you lately what a great leader you’ve been?
Russ! Are you in the bus ?

Cindy Logan
Valerie Kidd

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