Building Hope in Nepal December 25, 2017

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Day 1

Today was day one of the Nepal home construction project. We commenced activities at the community centre building of our local partner, “Creating Possibilities

We began digging with shovels and worked hard until 4:00 when the last of the  foundation ditches was completed. Tomorrow  we will pour the concrete.

Perhaps the most important part of todays work was the time spent with the kids of the neighbourhood who were both curious and friendly. They assisted in the project by laughing and playing and keeping everyone engaged in playing with them.


Day 2

What a day!  It started with a musical bus ride through town.  The group split up, one to grab bricks and the second started spreading concrete for the foundation.  Foundation folks were really concerned as the morning progressed and the brick group did not show.  Sold into slavery or slackers?  They finally arrived clean and relaxed while the foundation folks were covered with concrete but our foundation was done!  Bricks…small and large…bricks are heavy.  We moved them and moved them again.  We are a great team, working together showing comradery, support and kindness.

The work is hard but our hearts are huge.  The family is engaged and very present contributing in many ways. The youngest daughters grabbing bowls when we have dumped the concrete and pumping the well water.  The sons mixing concrete and heavy lifting. The father is an integral part of our work and joins us at each task. We are beginning to see smiles and connections.  Gratitude from our team to the family for letting us make this home happen.


Day 3

Day three brought about endless rounds of masala (aka. mortar) mixing and carrying interspersed with cement block carrying.  All in all, it was a successful day as we managed to build up to the third layer of foundation in some places while exchanging smiles and hellos with the kids. Seeing the team interact with his children has given the father a reason to smile and laugh.

During our lunch break the local Tharu women who affectionately call themselves ‘The Unako Ladies’, set up an impromptu bazaar at the Unako House. The team went crazy buying scarves, purses, and a handful of bags. The proceeds go to help create a sustainable future for the Tharu women and children in the community.  A variety of the products made here in Nepal are available for purchase here: The team worked hard and I feel a special mention should be given to Santos, our driver, and Manu from the Unako office who work tirelessly alongside us everyday. This is my fifth international build and I have never had a driver or a local partner help like these two have. My hat goes off to you fine gentlemen! I will end today’s blog blurb with this fine picture of the Buffalo in its natural habitat.

Friday, October 27, 2017

The team worked so hard today and are worn out. Unbelievably we excavated to depth and put the rubble hard-core in ready for concrete in the morning. This is one awesome team (including Carol on site). They worked so hard even after we were late starting due to the ceremony. Hope all well back in Canada.

-Ray (Team Leader)

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The team is worn out and quite right. They have all worked so hard today. They are an amazing team. The tractor bringing in gravel for the infill got stuck out in the field. No problem, the team formed a line and started to shovel the gravel into pans and walk it to site. They then proceeded to shift tons of earth , Mix tons of concrete and sift that to the respective areas. They were knackered by the end of the day.

-Ray (Team Leader)

Wednesday, November 1,  2017

Today we shifted tons of sand and gravel that had been delivered to site earlier for filling in the base and bringing the floor height up to the concrete ring beam level. Moving the blocks from the pile to the inside of the footings was another hard and heavy job which the team managed to complete with ease and without complaint. Some members mixed mortar and others stuffed it between the blocks placed by the masons. Everyone is working together and finding the best way to get the job done. We also dug the septic tank hole in the afternoon. The team worked tirelessly to complete it before the end of the the day.

The ladies spent over $400 in the CP office where the local ladies make scarves and bags and various other things. And they keep buying so money is going back to the locals and helping CP continue their work here. Four of our team took a tuc tuc back to the office before lunch to help the staff there prepare our lunch and learn the secrets of Nepal cooking.

Thursday, November 2,  2017

Everyone is worn out here but ready for the big push  (and I don’t mean the bus) here today. Our last day in site. Yesterday we installed the concrete rings into the despot and the doors and windows.  The home owner had a little celebration and blessing at that point. The team are working really well together. It’s hot and humid and the work is heavy. But not a single complaint.

-Ray (Team Leader)

Friday, November 3,  2017

The project is all wrapped up.We had a great farewell party and tears were shed by many. After a 4am start we headed for the airport and back to KMD.  The bus that picked us up from the airport dropped us miles away from the hotel and we had to walk without knowing where we were going. Took nearly an hour to locate the hotel. So some of the team took off on their further adventures and one has left from here so far. All the rest are booked to go out later today.

It’s always a sad time at the end of a project. Saying goodbye to new friends and old. Dinesh has been an absolute star. He has gone far above what would be expected from him. Even inviting us to his house last night for supper.

This has been an amazing project and I know I say that every time. But there is always something special about every project.  On this one I think it was the way the team worked as a group and played as a group.

Kind regards, Ray

Project Update

The construction of the house has gone well and the roof will soon be installed. You can help DWC complete this project by contributing to our fundraising campaign and the Chaudhary family can move into their new home.

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