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These are the experiences of our volunteers in Machu Picchu Challenge.

Experiencing the life of our beneficiaries

Posted in Machu Picchu Challenge on April 20, 2018

Brenda’s House Visit


Margarett, Jennifer and I went to a girl’s house that lived by the school and it was a eye opening experience seeing how much she can do with so little. Their house is about the size of a normal hotel suite for one person. They don’t have plumbing and the electricity doesn’t work most of the time. She lives there with her mom and dad but they’re not around to help her because they’re busy working.


DWC Team Machu Picchu Challenge

Art As Therapy

So— I came to Peru fully intending and expecting to participate in the build project— digging holes, bending rebar, twisting wire, etc. And though I was able to help a bit with these things on the first day, a cold I had developed just before traveling quickly became full blown bronchitis- so I was unable to participate as I had hoped.

In the bus on the way to the sight on the second day, I happened on a discussion with Elvira and Javier, our translator, about my professional skills (Occupational Therapist and Artist/ Art teacher) Immediately they became very enthusiastic about my possibly assisting with a project they had in mind: to paint murals on the school kiosk part of the Prominats program that teaches the students leadership and micromanagement skills among other things.) They were also eager to inform me of a particular student named Ignacio, with Autism, and were hoping I might speak with the student’s mother about options she may have moving forward with her son’s care. I was happy to do this, and so spent the morning of the second day meeting with the student’s mother and then working with the 5th grade students asking them to draw some design ideas for the kiosk painting project.


DWC Team Machu Picchu Challenge

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