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DWC’s TRIP Canada Team April 2019

Posted in TRIP Canada Program on November 1, 2018

Since 2005 DWC’s TRIP Canada volunteers in Sri Lanka have worked on a village for tsunami survivors, schools, temples, a medical clinic and playgrounds. A few years and teams later, volunteers had constructed a new building for an orphanage to expand and accommodate more young children in need.

In 2018, we started to build homes for families with special needs children who live in extremely poor conditions and face very challenging circumstances. Team 15 will continue the expansion of the orphanage and, hopefully if sufficient funds are raised, build two homes for special needs families.

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Building of the 2005 tsunami village.

Kids at the orphanage on the building site

Ishan’s family’s home after flooding.

Family with new home built by DWC TRIP Canada Team 14 in 2018.

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