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Building safe shelter and a nurturing environment for children

Posted in TRIP Canada Program on December 7, 2018

Donations Changing the World One Home at a Time

Building Our First Wheel Chair Accessible Home – April 2018

During the terrible flooding of May 2017 in Tangalle Sri Lanka, Ishandra saved his family but everything else in their lives was lost – their home, the old tires that he repairs for resale and all his tools. The family already dealt with the challenges of two children with muscular dystrophy. Ishan, now 12, is confined to a wheel chair and Kamili, 16, still walks but will eventually need a wheel chair.

When the TRIP Canada volunteers arrived to build them a new home in April 2018, it was hard to determine who was more excited about the opportunity to build a new home – the family or the volunteers!

On the volunteers’ last day in Sri Lanka, the community hosted a home blessing and tea to honour the family and TRIP Canada. Two of our volunteers spent time getting to know Ishan and understand his circumstances. The Lovies committed to helping him with transportation to school and hiring Nadishani, a young assistant to work with him. Latest reports – Ishan loves school and going with Nadishani who has him speaking up in class and smiling more often. He is “really brightening up!”

Donations Help Expand the Orphanage

Work Continues at Canadapura Children’s Home

Several years ago we learned about a nearby orphanage that was started as a home for children who lost their parents in the 2004 tsunami. As there is a continuing need in the community for safe shelter and a nurturing environment for more children, DWC’s TRIP Canada agreed to complete a second building.

Canadapura is the only home that Thilini and Dilini have ever known. They are bright, outgoing and often mischievous twins whose parents are no longer alive. Brothers Lasip and Thassara , arrived while the volunteers were there and, it took a few days, but eventually the volunteers were able to get some smiles.

Over the last three years we have completed the first floor and half of the second floor of the new building. A home for many more children. The kids love the time spent with the volunteers – playing games, lots of fun and even working together.

Next year we would like to build two more homes for special needs families living in very poor, challenging circumstances and continue the work at the orphanage.

Your donations will help us accomplish this.

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