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These are the experiences of our volunteers in TRIP Canada Program.

Planning for Sri Lanka 2019

Posted in TRIP Canada Program on December 7, 2018

Building Homes for Special Needs Families

To ensure we select the right families for new homes we have partnered with Navajeevena, a local organization that provides therapeutic services for disabled people. Their staff now work with Developing World Connections’ TRIP Canada program to identify families in the poorest and most challenging circumstances.

We are currently fundraising to assist Adeesha who is twelve years old, has cerebral palsy, and requires wooden leg braces. His family of four lives in a two-room mud hut with an outdoor kitchen and bathroom and would greatly benefit from a new home with improved accessibility.

Creating Opportunity Through Education

Since 2007, we have supported more than 200 young people with English language skills and tutoring in high school to increase opportunity for academic advancement. Many of “our kids” go on to post-secondary education.

Seventeen have graduated from our university scholarship program including teachers, doctors, engineers, dentists, accountants and professionals in business, computers, agriculture and baking. All are working and helping their families; several are married; and, we have two babies!

In 2018 we have 15 students sponsored by the scholarship program and are looking to increase this number in 2019.

Hilary with Kaveesh and Sithumini


Janet with Madusha, Havisha and their Mom

Hilary is a TRIP Canada “frequent flyer” and has participated in many volunteer trips. She is a very hard worker and loves all the children. Over the years Hilary has personally sponsored five students including Sithumini who is in her third year of medicine and her brother Kaveesh who aspires to be an engineer.

Madusha achieved eight As and one B in grade 10. We are helping her with tutorials so she will qualify for university. Her sister Havisha is a very bright spark who earned high marks in Grade 5 country-wide examinations. They are supported by a very loving and proud mother who is a labourer and also volunteers with disabled children.

TRIP Canada Volunteer Team 15: April 12 to 26, 2019

“I went to change someone else’s life and found that the life that changed the most is my own!”

This is the comment shared most frequently by our volunteers. Our next trip is filling up quickly but we still have a few more spaces.

Volunteering is glorious, hard work, inspiring, challenging and rewarding. You will laugh, you will cry and you will come home knowing you made a difference in someone else’s life.

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