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Thank-you! 2019 Fundraising goal success!

Posted in TRIP Canada Program on January 29, 2019


2019 is going to be a much better year for many children and families thanks to you. With donations received in the last two weeks of the year, TRIP Canada hit its 2018 fundraising target. We are now able to kick-off all of the projects we shared with you last year.

Funding for Scholarships and Special Classes

We are poised to deliver life changing opportunities through our education programs:

15 young people awarded university scholarships
11 high school students funded for special tutoring
English classes for many young children
Individual education for those with special needs

Ishan used to sit at home in his wheelchair watching the world go by. A volunteer donation now provides for transportation and someone to accompany him, allowing him to attend school and learn along with other kids.

Supported throughout high-school and university, Ayesha (left) is a teacher and Kasuni studies Ayurvedic medicine. We met them on our first volunteer trip in 2005 when we built a new home for their family.

Two New Homes and Expansion of the Orphanage

Our workers in Sri Lanka and the outstanding volunteers of Team 15 are gearing up for several building projects. Two new homes for special needs families and further expansion of the orphanage.

14 Volunteers Ready To Go April 12

So far we have a great group signed up including those coming back – Don Brimacombe, Susan Davidson, Hilary Bruun, Coleen Beaton, Amalie Bruun, George Burbidge, Penny Gumley, Mary Jean McFall and the McKelveys. And a very warm welcome to those making their first trip – Beth Whyte, Donna Forrestall, Ian McFall and Julie Flynn. Still room for a couple more!

This will be Don’s third trip and he is looking forward to: “another heart-felt experience working alongside community and family members, creating friendships, memories and, most importantly, smiles (or tears).”

Don and TRIP Canada are very grateful for the donation of $1,000 from his company’s Giving Fund. Our thanks to Weyerhaeuser for supporting Don and helping build a new family home.

Thank you for helping us build homes, lives, communities, and futures!

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