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These are the experiences of our volunteers in TRIP Canada Program.

Preparing for DWC’s 2019 TRIP Canada program

Posted in TRIP Canada Program on April 4, 2019

Team 15 Getting Ready to Build

There are 17 volunteers packing their bags and finalizing plans for the trip to Sri Lanka. This awesome team includes people from BC, California and Ontario – a number returning and some making the journey for the first time. They will know they have arrived at a very special, new and exciting destination when greeted by a sight like this.

A New Home and Brighter Future

After a day to acclimatize, the volunteers will split into groups to work at our three sites. They will finish another two rooms at the orphanage and build two homes for special needs families. Adeesha’s family looks very happy with the work done on their new home so far. Volunteers will finish the build doing brickwork, plastering and painting. Our goal is to finish this new home while we are there so the family can move in at the end of the month.

Good News for Team 14 – Moving Forward

When Team 14 left last April, Jagath’s family home (above left) was only partially finished. The work is now complete and the family just celebrated with a house blessing ceremony.

When we met Ishan (above right) last year while building his home he spent most of his life sitting in a wheelchair watching to the world go by. Now thanks to an inspirational support program funded by TRIP Canada volunteers, Ishan is going to school every day and actively participating. Reports are that this has brought joy to all members of the family.

Please Join Team 15 on the Build
Meet the families and follow the volunteers’ progress though our daily blog which will start April 15th.

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