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DWC’s TRIP Canada in Sri Lanka: Hot, Tired and Fulfilled!

Posted in TRIP Canada Program on April 18, 2019

Plastering? No problem for Kid’s Team.

Am’s Army at Jeevan’s taking no prisoners.

Victory at Adeesha’s – we’ll get ‘er done.


The story for today is sand and plaster. Plaster on the walls. Sand pretty much everywhere – on the floor, in the shoes, on the face, bucket brigade to get it to the second floor. But we need it to make everything work together. Jon, Jen, Joshua and Crystal are stars at this now. And our driver Sarath is making it happen too. Walls done in no time with just a little help from our Sri Lankan experts.

A special trip at lunch time to visit a site where former DWC President Wayne McRann worked and then we were back at the orphanage to haul sand and meet the children. By mid-afternoon all are ready to head home – lots done and need time for quiet and reflection. A good day.


Upon arrival at ‘Am’s Army’ team, cupcake seemed like a distant memory.

Goals for the day: survival, finish last exterior walls and get started on the lintels. There was a lot of excitement before lunch including dog poop on the scaffolding (which George discovered too late) and a rat eating snake slithering through the work place. For labour, we tackled the exterior walls and dug the ditch for plumbing.  Good news! By lunch the remaining exterior walls were complete.

In the afternoon, Am oiled up the new lintel forms in preparation for more concrete pouring. The two masons put us through our paces on the hottest day yet…with a few laughs (mostly at our expense).

The family had many visitors today – bringing food and getting to know us. They were all very helpful and extremely kind. It was wonderful playing with the children who were dancing, taking photos with us and using their new crayons and colouring books! An amazing day all around with lots of time for hard work and new friends.


Quite a day for this team starting with a flag raising ceremony where duct tape was a key ingredient. Lots of action in the sandbox where Susan partners with Danuka and Penny. Finishing walls again very important to get the house done. Over to Bruce and Ian. Manly parging in kitchen. Slap Slap Slap. Meanwhile Hilary and Coleen starting the final step – painting. But do they know that there should be more paint on the walls than on them?

While painting, rescue op for three gimbas (FROGS in English). Brave volunteer. End of day marks huge progress. Parging FINITO. Two rooms painted. Ready for skim coat on all floors. Before leaving there is an athletic competition between volunteers and kids. Final score: Kids 10. Volunteers 0.

Thanks to contributors Julie, George and Hilary.

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