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DWC’s TRIP Canada: Another very productive day

Posted in TRIP Canada Program on April 22, 2019

Kid’s Team – Bruce’s Angels

Today we were Bruce’s Angels — Hilary, Penny, Julie, Susan and Beth. Our jobs were easy for good girls like us: cleaning and smoothing a floor, sifting sand, building walls and let’s not forget dancing with Sarath!

Bruce rigged up a pulley to transport sand to the second floor. The workers liked it so much, they used it to hoist up windows too! Susan and Hilary worked with the children to create thank you notes and pictures for TRIP Canada donors. The kids were very focused on their work, but they did indulge us for a few pictures.


Yet another very productive day at Adeesha’s house. Pargers/sand sifters Amalie, Don, Ian and George managed to get almost 3 exterior walls parged – or at least covered with enough mud for the professionals to complete the job. As Don pointed out, we had quite different techniques for ‘mudding’ the walls, but all of them worked well enough.

The painter sisters, Coleen and Mary Jean, applied many layers of white wash to one of the bedrooms and have a good start on the living room. Don did allow us a very quick lunch break and we pressed on. Our “leaving” photo shows the devils incredible progress!

Today’s lunch was very special served at the home of one of our workers. They have hosted every team of volunteers since moving into our tsunami village in 2006. Food was lovingly prepared, delicious and served by all members of the family. Afterwards the kids challenged us first to a soccer game and then volleyball. Playing in 40 degrees did us in – we’re ready to go back to Moonstone for a swim! Tomorrow is our day off. Woo Hoo!

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