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DWC’s TRIP Canada in Sri Lanka: All very grateful for our safety

Posted in TRIP Canada Program on April 22, 2019

It is very eerie to be up working on yesterday’s blog and all that can be heard is the sound of the ocean – no cars because of the curfew. Haven’t listened to any news and can only think of those so deeply affected by the senseless acts of yesterday. We are so sad for those who have lost their lives and all who are irreparably damaged. And we are very proud of this very special team that will go to work later today to help people build new futures.

Some information did start to filter in about the attacks during the day to enable us to send messages to our families to reassure them when they awoke to the news. Other than that the volunteers kept working knowing their time to contribute was growing shorter.
Here are their stories.


From a work perspective, this was a very productive day with all the brick work and most of the parging completed on our bedrooms, barrels of sand moved to the second floor and a new floor down. It was extra busy with the electricians there and the men installing the safety barrier.

A master sifter

Loading up the sand

Showing off F45 training

Safety railing going up

Today Bruce, Janet, Susan and Hilary had some very special time with some Sri Lankans who are very important to us. Lots of time was spent with the kids of Canadpura who are starting to return from visiting family members over the holiday. We met a new student who will join our scholarship program bringing the total for this year to 15. Sajini visited our worksite with her mother and sister and it gave us the opportunity to present her with her watch to recognize her graduation from university last year.  Then we were welcomed into the new home of Jagath’s, started a year ago by volunteers of Team 14. We were served a beautiful thank you tea and the Team 16 volunteers are invited for dinner in 2020. Very thoughtful, generous people.

Ravindi will study Commerce

Pathum shows where he studies

Sajini (red dress) celebrates graduating

Thank you from Jagath’s family


Today started out as another amazing day in Sri Lanka for TRIP Canada. It is Easter Sunday, and we stopped at the market in Tangalle. It was bustling and we were happy to see the eggs for sale! (Inside joke for chickens and Burnbrae Farms.) We were saddened to hear about the horrible violence in and around Colombo, and our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the trouble.

Our crew worked hard today at site Jeevan. It was hot, sweaty and exhilarating! The work today involved keeping the Sri Lankan masons on the scaffolding supplied with bricks and mortar.

Team hits the bricks

Working hard on family’s new home

Ice cream – awesome treat

Photo says it all – great job!

The ice cream tuk tuk dropped by as we were finishing our lunch – what a welcome sight. Thank you to Julie and Coleen who looked after us through the day and also bought ice cream for all of us, including the Sri Lankan kids and construction crew. Working as a team – volunteers, masons, labourers, family members – we are thrilled to see the progress we have made over the last week.


After a quick pit stop at the market for spices and blankets, we arrived at Adeesha’s and set the tone for the day with our “songs to sing to in the shower” playlist – high energy start to the day…..especially for Am’s sifting technique.

News from Colombo arrived at tea time, but we stayed focused. Penny is addicted to parging with support from the masons, and the painting trio of Michelangelo, Leonardo and Botticelli (a.k.a. MJ, Beth & George) finished as much painting as possible inside and out.

High energy start to the day

Very enthusiastic sifting

Parging with the pros

Penny, Beth and coaches

When the skies opened up and the downpour began, it didn’t slow us down. The duo of Beth and MJ belted out “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head” and we all moved inside to paint undercover! Easter jellybeans were shared with the kids (the big kids and the small kids), which were a welcome treat!

Singing “Raindrops keep Falling on my Head”

Painting as the rains calmed

Easter jellybeans

Well done – the home stretch

We’re in the home stretch of completing this house for Adeesha and his family – the #1 goal for Team 15’s time here – and all very grateful for our safety.

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