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DWC’s Trip Canada in Sri Lanka: Joy, concern and accomplishments

Posted in TRIP Canada Program on April 25, 2019

Such a wonderful start to our last day arriving at Adeesha’s to participate in the blessing ceremony for his home. We were warmly welcomed by the family and the traditional celebration began. Jaynatha presented all the volunteers with a wreath of flowers and Lalith followed with a leaf from the Boda tree. After the ribbon cutting ceremony, we were all invited inside to light candles as a blessing for the new home.

After enjoying a sumptuous tea, the officiating monk tied strings to everyone’s wrists to bless and thank us for our contribution. At the end of this very special ceremony we heard that there were more threats in the area where we were staying. We left with barely time to say goodbye. We drove via backroads to our hotel, gathered all our belongings and moved to another gated hotel belonging to a good friend in a remote country location.

Although there were no incidents, it was pretty concerning until we passed through the gates of our new place. But then there was time to reflect on the team’s accomplishments, including the new space for future residents at Canadapura.

For Jeevan’s family, now living in a mud hut, the volunteers started at the foundation and built up to the roof of their new home. And for Adeesha the future looks much brighter. His home is parged, painted, windows and doors varnished and soon they will move in. Happiness all round.

We are filled with gratitude and appreciation for all members of Team 15 who worked so hard and remained committed through challenging circumstances. At this time, everyone is at home or in the air. All will be happy to be back with loved ones. Thank you for following us and sending your thoughts and prayers.

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