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DWC’s TRIP Canada in Sri Lanka: Our Last Work Day!

Posted in TRIP Canada Program on April 25, 2019

Everyone is raring to go. Lots of parging, painting, flooring to do and of course the inevitable sand sifting. Today we will give gifts to the families and tips to the workers to thank them for working through their New Year’s holiday. The volunteers have brought loads of presents and everyone chipped in some rupees. By days end…..

All these gifts given to wives and kids.

Jeevan’s brickwork done and parging started.

Rooms at Canadapura at painting stage.

Everyone is happy at Adeesha’s.


The work at Canadapura starts with lots of action. Team Leaders Amie and Kal issue orders, all workers overreact, massive and very keen team effort that blew sifter apart! This followed by Cupcake Cross Fit cement bucket challenge. Ian gets wet as usual – this time rolling a big barrel. Getting the sand up is constant repeat – fill bucket, pull up, empty, drop down – and AGAIN!

A special moment when Amalie thanks workers for their hard work and camaraderie in Sinhala – this girl can do anything. Then we are back to work. Speed sifting, skim coat on floors and in two rooms a festival of paint rolling. We are done and the place is looking good.


On our first day here, there was only a foundation for this house and on our last day all the walls and windows are done. It is ready for the roof to go on. When Donny’s Wenches started to parge, the mason was sceptical and moved in to take over. The Wenches refused to surrender their trowels so he gave in and followed behind to fix the mistakes – there may have been just a few.

The best part of the day was presents for the family and workers. Jeevan, Dilhruski and Thenuli were so grateful to the volunteers, DWC and TRIP Canada giving Beth one of Thenuli’s pictures as a tribute. Don took a moment to acknowledge a very generous donation from Weyerhauser which helped build this home.


Lots of nostalgia today as our team has the privilege of putting the finishing touches on the new home for Adeesha’s family. Thanks to the hard work and caring poured into this home by all Team 15 volunteers, the family will be able to move in by early May. Our last tea – which makes us happy and sad at the same time. People have worked hard and everyone starting to think about home. Especially with the added stress of the attacks in Colombo.

We spend our time painting and varnishing with lots of help from Adeesha’s parents, grandparents and neighbours. As with every day, our reward is Adeesha’s smile. Last day of work and an opportunity to thank the workers who have been such great coaches and give gifts to the family.


At days end all teams converged at Canadapura for fun, games, gifts and treats. Check out the photos to see who had the most fun – the volunteers or the kids?

Starting with a hotly contested water balloon toss won by Bruce and Pathum

Followed by aggressive game of musical chairs with Sasuni edging out Pathum

Dancing, conga line, ice cream, new jeans and t-shirts for all the kids

And then it’s time to say goodbye until next year – we won’t forget you!

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