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Post: Students give back in Guatemala

Our first day in Antigua was an absolute blast. From the cobblestone roads, to the culture and the colours of the people and the flag. There were many interesting things we learned, saw and took in. We went on many tours throughout the town. Our first stop was going to the Cerro de la Cruz...

Trip: Guatemala

Explore Guatemala and build a home for a family in need

Trip: Guatemala

Improve the health of families living in poverty

Trip: Guatemala

Make a difference in others’ lives and they will make a difference in yours

Post: Lighting Up Guatemala for healthier families

A team of 18 has come together from North American West coast and East coast to build Eco-stoves for the less fortunate! Helping them increase their life span by living a healthier life.

Page: BOSA – Light Up Guatemala

Fundraiser: BOSA Gives Big – Light Up Guatemala

Trip: Guatemala

Work on projects that improve lives and increase self-sufficiency

Post: Timber Mart Lights Up Guatemala

A stroll through San Miguel Dueñas brought home the conditions that people around the world live in… we truly are lucky to be living in Canada. This stroll through the village was an eye-opener for many. The addition of having an active volcano a few short kilometers away put the circumstances in an entirely different perspective.

Trip: Join the Light Up Guatemala Team

Explore village life and leave
a legacy that will make families healthier

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