Face to Face Campaign Fundraising For Our Global Village Program

Have You Seen DWC Fundraisers in Your Neighbourhood?

Developing World Connections (DWC) has launched its first ever door-to-door fundraising campaign. Small teams of fundraisers will be canvassing neighborhoods to secure monthly donations in support of our Global Village program. One-time donations will also be accepted.

Why are we going door to door?

DWC is a Canadian charity that has been in operation for 20 years. As we seek to deepen the impact of our organization, it’s essential we expand and share our mission of supporting fragile communities and vulnerable people.

We believe there are countless individuals across Canada that would love to learn about our fieldwork, but until now, we haven’t had the opportunity to do so. The face to face campaign is also an effective way of getting ongoing monthly donations, enabling us to direct your support to long-term, sustainable projects. Our fundraisers do not work on commission, and they do not accept cash donations. We are committed to an equitable workplace and operate from the belief that integrity and respect should guide our interactions with the public.

How do I know your fundraisers are legitimate?

Our fundraisers will identify themselves with ID bearing their first name, photo and explicit instruction that they are not to collect cash donations. This is done for the safety of our fundraisers and to ensure a paper trail with your gift.

Every fundraiser will also carry with them our charitable registration number: # 84949 7078 RT0001 and a QR code to this webpage.

Upon making a donation, you will receive an email acknowledgement from DWC and you are able to contact us with any concerns or questions you may have. Please call 250.434.2524 ext. 216 or email:

You will also receive a follow-up verification phone call to confirm your intention to make a monthly gift at an agreed upon giving level.