Give With Bosa

Join Ryan Bosa in giving back this holiday season.
You can change the lives of people in the developing world by supporting one of these meaningful DWC programs.
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More than 1.5 years into the global coronavirus pandemic, DWC’s Emergency Response program continues to help low-income families by distributing food and supplies, as well as implementing community-based initiatives to help families recover.

Business restrictions and closures have sent developing nations’ already struggling economy into despair. Extremely impoverished families have little to no income generating opportunities and face hunger and the risk of falling deeper into the poverty cycle.

It’s almost impossible to imagine choosing between sending your daughter to school or feeding your family. For too many parents, it’s a decision they must make. Education breaks the cycle of poverty, builds community, and increases employment. Even with the knowledge that their daughter’s opportunities later in life will be severely restricted, for many parents, school expenses are just unaffordable.

DWC’s Every Girl program supports bright and motivated girls in the developing world. This includes funding tuition, books and uniforms, as well as implementing community-based initiatives to empower women and girls.