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Volunteers experience in Kenya. Our volunteers share some of their experiences and memorable photos.

Reflections on progress in Kenya

Posted in Kenya on November 14, 2018

We met our 8 new and old DWC friends (Jim, Cathy, Alicia, Terri1, Terry2, Jen, Chris and Russ) at YVR where we began a long and happily uneventful day and a half long journey to Kenya. Our first test was at the Kenya border where a very fast and efficient system accepted our on line or on site visa applications.

Water collection enhances food security in Kenya

Posted in Kenya on May 9, 2018

Nutrition and education, particularly during a child’s foundational years is important. A DWC team in Kenya is developing a water collection system to irrigate a garden at an impoverished school.

Kenya: Maai Mahiu – April 2016

Posted in Kenya on April 19, 2016

Kenya week 1 We have arrived! After two long flights from Canada, these six ladies finally landed in Nairobi, Kenya. Let the adventures and the expansion of our minds begin!  Upon disembarking the plane, we quickly proceeded to get our visas so we could enter Kenya. The process was slow (we quickly learned that slow Read More…

November 14: A Group Effort and a View of Mt. Kenya

Posted in Kenya on November 14, 2013

Wednesday’s activities involved a collective effort of the DWC team together with about 20 adult  members of the village  including both men and women.  We replaced  sections of the original  local 1 1/2 inch PVC water distribution line in the adjacent County of Fittings with 3 inch pipe to allow for an expansion of the system Read More…

November 13: A Tour of the Community

Posted in Kenya on November 14, 2013

Its the Kenya Water Project Team reporting in again with some bedtime reading: As you will note-getting a little more descriptive on our precise location. All is well here and we have had no rain these past two days which has made for much improved working conditions! Yesterday the group split up with the “elder” Read More…

November 12: A Trek to say the least…

Posted in Kenya on November 14, 2013

We are back after our first day on the job so to speak, more of an orientation day really, but I wanted to send a picture (below) of the job site as we found it today. Quite amazing in all respects and nowhere near what we had expected to find, in fact much more of Read More…

September 12: Trying to make a difference

Posted in Kenya on September 12, 2013

When the Softchoice Cares board decided to go to Maai Mahui, Kenya earlier this year I was extremely excited but at the same time I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would we actually be able to make a difference? Would the people we came to help really even want us there? Would I be able Read More…

September 11: We’re in it for the growth

Posted in Kenya on September 11, 2013

I’ve always seen this Softchoice Corporate value as developmental, but mostly focused on a North American perception of ourselves, our careers, and how we utilize our own strengths for our own advantage. Career success mixed with my will for personal improvements along the way = Growth. Since being in Maai Mahiu and working with locals Read More…

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