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Volunteers experience in Nepal. Our volunteers share some of their experiences and memorable photos.

Making an impact in Nepal

Posted in Nepal on December 3, 2018

Following a great week of building where the team took the block walls from the foundation to above the windows, we packed away our dirty work clothes and headed for the Bardia Jungle Resort in Bardia national park. Team members were greeted at the village entrance by Thura women in their traditional dress.

Building Hope in Nepal

Posted in Nepal on October 25, 2017

Day 1 Today was day one of the Nepal home construction project. We commenced activities at the community centre building of our local partner, “Creating Possibilities We began digging with shovels and worked hard until 4:00 when the last of the  foundation ditches was completed. Tomorrow  we will pour the concrete. Perhaps the most important Read More…

Building schools in Nepal

Posted in Nepal on October 21, 2016

October 31 Can this get any better?! The elephant safari was undescribable, I’m still gushing! We met our elephant Champakali and her faend (driver) Gobiend. To get on Champakali, we mount from these towers, four people to an elephant. Their ‘tack’ has two thick pads (matresses) and a metal square frame to sit and the Read More…

August 9th: Family Day in Kathmandu

Posted in Nepal on August 11, 2014

Our Saturday morning began with a nice family breakfast at the Eco hotel consisting of pancakes, hash browns, and granola. The Canadian food was a nice change after nearly three weeks of dal baht in Lamahi. After breakfast our two families met up with four boys from CP for a beautiful hike. These wonderful young Read More…

Aug 8th: Sad Goodbyes and the Long Drive Back

Posted in Nepal on August 8, 2014

Today was another day filled with mixed emotions as we finally said goodbye to Lamahi. After an early breakfast we wasted no time hopping on the bus and beginning our 10 hour drive back to Kathmandu. As we drove out some of us chose to take the time to rest and others chose to really Read More…

August 6th: Bricks, panels, windows, and grout.

Posted in Nepal on August 7, 2014

The work day at UNAKO house began with some heavy lifting. We all worked together to transport hundreds of bricks to the top level. After that we split off into groups, each with a specific task. Bill and Jacob continued the installation of the electric panels, Maddie and Miles grouted, Laurie and Katie taught a Read More…

August 3rd: The Families arrive in Dang to a Tikka filled Welcome!

Posted in Nepal on August 5, 2014

The inspiring welcoming ceremony made our two families realize why we started down this endeavour. The young women who have been empowered by this IWEN, DWC and Creating Possibilities project made all our efforts over the past year to support UNAKO House so rewarding. I had tears in my eyes when a young Thelma girl Read More…

August 1st: Arrival of the Adams and Marchand families

Posted in Nepal on August 5, 2014

Bill and Katie met Laurie, Keegan and myself (Len) at the Vancouver Airport Thursday morning. We picked up our boarding passes,checked our bags and moved through security very quickly. We departed Vancouver right on time at 1:05 pm and settled in for our 14 hour flight to Guangzhou., China. Laurie, Keegan and I watched several Read More…

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