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Volunteers experience in Peru. Our volunteers share some of their experiences and memorable photos.

Lima – Bodwell Team: at the Market and the Beach

Posted in Peru on May 1, 2015

This morning’s excursion was to the market, that age-old location of economic enterprise and communication. We had a small communication gap where one of the students thought we were going to a mall, but today we wanted to explore local economic activity. Even though it was a short journey, we learned a lot about the Read More…

Lima – Bodwell Team: Wall Foundations!

Posted in Peru on May 1, 2015

We built a wall! (Well, the foundation for a wall) The hole was dug. We mixed cement: powder with sand, then built a sand castle with a spiral moat and poured water in it to let the cement slowly making a mix. Nikita and Dominik poured the cement in the trench while Jax,Jeremy and Allan laid Read More…

Lima, Peru – Bodwell Team: Day 1 building at San Jose Obrero

Posted in Peru on May 1, 2015

 Lima is a city built for a million currently housing 9 million people. This has multiple effects of course. After a long journey in Lima’s rush hour traffic, we arrived in San Jose Obrero, our worksite. This community has been built by the hands of its inhabitants, many of whine have come from the provinces Read More…

Lima, Peru – Bodwell Team arrives!

Posted in Peru on May 1, 2015

After an adventure in taxis to get to the Malecon beach path, we finally hopped on our red bikes and enjoyed the most amazing views. Huaca Pucllana is the seven layered pyramid that is amazingly preserved because of the desert climate here in Peru. It is 200 meters from our hostal! Its literal translation means Read More…

Lima, Peru: St. Andrew’s Team – Day 3 on the Site

Posted in Peru on March 13, 2014

Last night after dinner we hit up the Inka Market and bartered to get some great deals with shop owners who don´t speak English. Today was another day on the worksite (day number 3). Everyone was starting to feel the heat this morning and the exhaustion kicked in, but as soon as we got to Read More…

Lima, Peru: St. Andrew’s Team – Day 2 of Construction

Posted in Peru on March 12, 2014

Today was the second day at the school and probably the hottest of all the days we have been here. We started off by carrying 2000 bricks up four flights of stairs which was exhausting but we were rewarded with delicious watermelon. For dinner we got to have delicious Peruvian food consisting of potatoes, chicken Read More…

Lima, Peru: St. Andrew’s Team – First Day on the Worksite

Posted in Peru on March 12, 2014

We started off with an early morning (6am) and another wonderful breakfast. After a quick tutorial on what we would be doing today and the days that followed, we climbed into two vans that would be taking us to the work site. As we approached the outskirts of Lima, we got a very eye-opening experience Read More…

Lima, Peru: St. Andrew’s Team – Arrival and first two days

Posted in Peru on March 12, 2014

We were all very jet lagged and are still fighting over who gets to shower first. We went on a super wicked stressful bike ride because there are few traffic laws and cars have the right of way. The breakfast is always great and we get fresh homemade smoothies every morning. Mass was at the Read More…

March 2014: New project in Lima

Posted in Peru on March 10, 2014

Over the past two years, our volunteers have finished working on various building projects for the San Jose Obrero School in Miraflores on the outskirts of Lima. Starting in spring 2014, DWC volunteers will assist on IFEJANT’s next infrastructure project: adding a third floor to the Nassae School which is located in Jicamarca in the Read More…

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