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Volunteers experience in Rwanda. Our volunteers share some of their experiences and memorable photos.

Setting the stage for a lodge in Rwanda

Posted in Rwanda on November 30, 2016

Aug. 25 Last day, plus celebratory dinner earlier in the week Rwanda, Kigali – August 25 Last day to “get ‘er done” and then a special dinner. The team was working hard to get the last stretch of wire fence installed. After a long day at the work site, the team went out for a Read More…

February 21: Saying goodbye

Posted in Rwanda on February 21, 2014

Today was a very satisfying but difficult day. We went to visit the Gashora Girls Academy in the morning and walked around their campus. We rode bicycle taxis on the way there. What a blast that was! The guys peddled us for such a long ways that we felt bad for them. We next went Read More…

February 20: Last day on the project & baskets made with love

Posted in Rwanda on February 20, 2014

It was another fantastic day today. I received an email for a former Developing World Connections participant who visited Rwanda last summer. He asked if I could find a woman he had met on his last visit. So, when I reached the Covaga center I put the word out. A couple hours later, Vistina and Read More…

February 19: Food and water in Rwanda

Posted in Rwanda on February 19, 2014

You’ve probably heard me talk about the food here in Rwanda in my previous blogs. I asked one of the locals if they eat the same things that we’ve been eating. I was told that they’re not a cuisine culture. They don’t eat to enjoy their food, they eat to survive. They often only eat Read More…

February 19: An overcast but productive workday

Posted in Rwanda on February 19, 2014

It was an overcast day today, but we were thankful for that since we needed to paint the outside windows of the kitchen center. We got a lot done in spite of us needing to share paint, paint brushes, ladders, stools and rags. We need to finish up tomorrow as Friday we’re planning to drop Read More…

February 16: A visit to Akagera Park

Posted in Rwanda on February 16, 2014

We got up at 4:30am to head out on our safari in Akagera Park. A driver took all eight of us on a 6 hour tour. It was another amazing experience. Here are only a few of the animals we saw: Todd DrakeDWC Volunteer ParticipantRwanda, February 2014

February 15: Gorillas in the mist

Posted in Rwanda on February 15, 2014

We had an amazing day today! Five of us from our group went to see the Mountain Gorillas. We hiked for two hours through the jungle. And when I say “through the jungle”, I mean there are no trails. The guides were using their machetes to cut a path for us. When we finally reached Read More…

February 12: Making progress & new friends

Posted in Rwanda on February 12, 2014

We got a lot done today. Finished glazing all of the windows and mortared the rock columns. When we finished for the day, we heard some women singing and dancing in the field behind the centre. They were rehearsing for a concert of some sort. As we walked over to watch, all of the kids Read More…

February 11: A wonderful start on the project

Posted in Rwanda on February 11, 2014

It was a another wonderful day. Each day on our way to our work we are joined with more you children who run to meet us and hold our hands as we walked. I brought a soccer ball today for the kids to play with. You would’ve thought I had given them the world. Todd Read More…

February 9: Exploring Kigali & Settling In

Posted in Rwanda on February 10, 2014

We stayed in Kigali last night and got the chance to meet with the people we will be working with. The rooms in the hotel we large but very few furnishings. There was a tub but no shower. Some of the other rooms had no running water though. We had boiled eggs, potatoes and coffee Read More…

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