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Volunteers experience in Sierra Leone. Our volunteers share some of their experiences and memorable photos.

April 24th: A bittersweet goodbye to our new friends

Posted in Sierra Leone on April 24, 2014

Today wrapped up the last day of work at the Temple of Faith Primary School in George Brook. It was bittersweet because we are all feeling like it’s time to go home to see friends and family; however, we are sad to say good-by to new friends here. A few tears were shed and I Read More…

April 21: First day of Week #2

Posted in Sierra Leone on April 22, 2014

On Day Eight of our time in Freetown, we have gotten three quarters of the main retaining wall done. This may seem like slow progress, but when you realize that there is a 10 minute uphill hike from where the road ends at the football field, through a village to the building site and there Read More…

April 17: Meeting the chief & shattering expectations

Posted in Sierra Leone on April 18, 2014

It is hard to believe that we are already done four days of work. The work is progressing at a good pace. Today we had the honour of having the chief visit the site. He came to welcome our team and thank us for coming to help improve the community. He especially expressed gratitude for Read More…

April 17: Building bonds & receiving gratitude

Posted in Sierra Leone on April 17, 2014

Gratitude – its a concept that is hard to define for many. What is it? How is it shared? Gratitude is what we are experiencing each day as we hike up to the work site in George Brook. As we make our way up the roughly drawn path of boulders and dust, adults and children Read More…

April 16: Starting to build the school in George Brook

Posted in Sierra Leone on April 16, 2014

After three flights and an exciting ferry ride, we arrived at our guest house at 9:30 pm. Santigie and Sara from the We Yone Child Foundation welcomed us with open arms at the airport. We were greeted with a lovely meal from our host, Ester, who had stayed up late to serve us. We all Read More…

Our new project in Sierra Leone

Posted in Sierra Leone on February 24, 2014

Sierra Leone is one of Africa’s smallest and poorest nations. After a decade of civil war, 75% of the population lives below the poverty line with half living on less than $1 per day. Poverty is concentrated in the rural areas and around Freetown, the capital city. Developing World Connections has partnered with the We Read More…

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