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Volunteers experience in Sri Lanka. Our volunteers share some of their experiences and memorable photos.

Volunteers changing lives in Sri Lanka

Posted in Sri Lanka on April 5, 2019

…we marveled at work done by previous project teams and all secretly wondered if we’d be up to the challenge or, more importantly, be able to make a similar difference in people’s lives…

Building up a community in Sri Lanka

Posted in Sri Lanka on March 1, 2018

On this February trip led by Cathy Greven, a DWC team is working in the Tangalle region of Sri Lanka with Navajeevana, our non-profit, in-country host partner. Specifically, volunteers are building a day care and bus shelter that will make a big difference to people needing Navajeevana’s services.

Inspiration in Sri Lanka

Posted in Sri Lanka on November 23, 2017

Embracing Challenges and Trepidation Picture this: 7 volunteers, 4 missed connections, and 3 lost pieces of luggage; hardly the image of a cohesive group to help one Sri Lankan family who nearly lost everything to a flood. Yet, the hope is that this motley group will all come together for this single purpose. Before we Read More…

Lucky 13 for TRIP team to Sri Lanka

Posted in Sri Lanka on April 26, 2017

April 25 Here’s a last look at the this fantastic team at work.   April 24 Last night we had an incredible dinner at Palm Paradise – a hotel many of the previous volunteers will remember having stayed there on four previous trips. Lots of fun in the medical chairs! A few nostalgic visits today. Read More…

SRI LANKA: The second week

Posted in Sri Lanka on October 19, 2016

The second week involved each team completing more work on the homes of Vijay, Predeep and Nilantha. Cement floors were poured, roofs were constructed and the group’s ‘ interior designers’ painted and plastered. A number of cultural excursions took place. A small group of volunteers spent the day visiting two local schools with Bandulla and Read More…

Sri Lanka – irrigation project

Posted in Sri Lanka on November 2, 2015

Today is Saturday October 31st,  Halloween. Some hotels seem to celebrate Halloween with parties but it is not a common part of rural Sri Lankan life. The last part of this work week was rather challenging. With equipment (back hoe) not showing up as scheduled, and then the back hoe hitting major water lines, our Read More…

Sri Lanka – irrigation project – weekend update

Posted in Sri Lanka on October 27, 2015

Everyone pitches in, even in the mud Today is Tuesday at 6 a.m. We had a long mucky day yesterday as it rained hard on the weekend. Running the pipe through the ditch becomes that much tougher when you lose a shoe in the mud. Is this Jordan with a local boy? The backhoe almost Read More…

Sri Lanka – irrigation project

Posted in Sri Lanka on October 27, 2015

Thursday October 22, 2015 Internet is spotty here. We are almost finished our first week of the irrigation system. The villagers have been very helpful and communication has been a challenge, but in the end we have worked it all out. Each day they feed us some tea and snacks and it is very hospitable Read More…

Sri Lanka, Rotary irrigation project: some R & R

Posted in Sri Lanka on October 27, 2015

River Safari The team took time for a river safari.  Birds on the river Flocks in the tree tops along the river At the oceans edge on a calm day Freshly cut fruit Larry, Dave, Jordan, Wade, Jeff and Tony DWC / Rotary Sri Lanka, October 2015

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