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We can work with you, your employees, or your clients to provide an engaging, teambuilding experience that will demonstrate your company’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility. It will showcase a company that not only cares about its employees, but also about global issues and its willingness to invest in sustainability.

Where We Work Programs in 11 Countries
on Three Continents

Where We Work Programs in 11 Countries
on Three Continents

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Guatemala Nicaragua Costa Rica Peru Rwanda Kenya Sri Lanka Nepal India Cambodia Philippines

What to Expect

We will custom design a project which aligns with the core values and the comfort zone of your organization.

Trip Length

Typical trips are one to two weeks long. Volunteers will often add an additional week to explore the country, relax on a beach, climb a mountain or study the local language. The timing of the project can be customized to the needs of the team. Trips can be planned for any time of the year.

Corporate Groups

Group sizes can vary from eight to 20 people. DWC will work with our corporate partner to plan a project that meets the unique makeup of any team.

Make an Impact

DWC has worked with teams of engineers, IT professionals, health care workers, dentists and a host of other professions. We will channel your company’s skills and passions to make a sustainable impact. Projects are based on real needs in our host communities, designed with DWC’s field partners.

Health & Safety

Developing World Connections focus on all trips is health and safety, we have an impeccable track record. We provide strong leaders who provide day to day support to all our participants. A DWC risk assessment team has evaluated all locations and projects prior to the volunteer’s arrival. Volunteers will never be without DWC assistance. Our expert trained leaders are available 24/7 and provide students access to a cell phone and computer for communications while away.

Custom Trips

Developing World Connections has excellent relationships with their corporate partner. Our reputation, combined with our history of both employee volunteering and CSR program management provides an ideal basis for corporate partnerships.

We’ll find a project that fits your corporate culture and your social responsibility goals. Your involvement can be anything from a donation to a custom volunteer team trip. We have companies that send corporate teams out with us every year or two, while others support programs like Light Up Guatemala or give donations or sponsorships. Everyone has something to contribute and every contribution is important.

Meet Our Corporate Partners

We have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with many businesses across Canada. A corporate team building experience is life changing.

“We boarded not one, but three planes and in all that I still wasn’t getting pumped up. Everything seemed like a haze or a dream and I was just walking through it. It wasn’t until we were driving through Udaipur and pulled over to for a look at one of the lakes that it really hit me. As we began to meet the people we were to work with it was clear that the colour and energy felt around it came from the people themselves. Their excitement for the potential we bring with us shone as brightly as that pink camel. As I looked around, the true beauty of India woke me up and I became excited for the potential of what we could accomplish here!”

- Tara Bradbury, Softchoice


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