Rwanda is overcoming a troubled past. Volunteers make an important gesture of solidarity toward a sustainable future.


Official Language(s)
Kinyarwanda, French, English
12.3 million
% of Population Below Poverty
44.9% (5.5 million people)
GDP per CAPITA (PPP US$) (?)
$1,500 (Canada = $43,100)
UN's Human Development Index (?)

Why volunteer in Rwanda?

Rwanda is a land-locked, resource poor country with about 90% of the population engaged in agriculture and mineral and agro-processing. Years of civil war culminating in genocide has had a devastating social and economic impact on the country. More than one million lives were lost and another one million Rwandans became refugees. By visiting the people and witnessing the legacy of violence, our volunteers honour the country’s efforts to rebuild and overcome.

Volunteer projects

Volunteers work with locals to build important community infrastructure projects with our in-country partner. No special skills are required. In recent years, the government of Rwanda has implemented many development projects, including irrigation projects, new schools and health centres to bring new hope and create sustainable livelihoods. Our projects have included building an eco-lodge for a sustainable social enterprise and mini-libraries for youths in communities where books are rare and literacy is low.

Choose your trip

ADULT AND FAMILY, CUSTOM OR CORPORATE TRIPS: These are typically two weeks in length and include in-country food, in-country ground transportation, in-country accommodation, program costs and substantial direct donation to the project with our host partner. It does not include airfare. However, the entire cost paid through DWC is 100% eligible for a charitable tax receipt, including airfare.

HIGH SCHOOL TRIPS: A High School trip varies in price and is often based on the number of participants and location. You can fundraise for your trip and DWC will issue charitable receipts to your donors.

Make a difference in Rwanda

See our volunteers in action

Watch the following video created by a DWC student team leader who spent four weeks working on the Covaga Innovation Centre with one of our former Rwandan partners:

When can I go?

High-school, Custom and Corporate trips do not appear on the trip schedule as they are not open for public sign ups. Please contact DWC for more details.

No trips are currently scheduled for Rwanda in 2015 or 2016. If you are interested in creating your own custom team, please contact us.

How much does it cost?

Adult and Family, Custom or Corporate Trips
A two-week volunteer trip to Rwanda costs about $2,200. This includes the in-country food, in-country ground transportation, in-country accommodation, program costs and a substantial direct donation to PREFER Rwanda. Airfare is not included; however, the entire cost paid through DWC is 100% tax deductible, including your flights.

High School Trips
A two-week High School trip to Rwanda varies in price depending on the number of participants. You can fundraise for your trip and DWC will issue charitable receipts to your donors.

We invite people who cannot give the gift of time to donate to the Rwandan projects and programs through Developing World Connections.

Cultural activities

After you are done volunteering, there are some sites you definitely should visit while in Rwanda, including the Genocide Museum in Kigali. You can experience the incredibly lush and beautiful scenery of Rwanda and take an excursion in the Parc National des Volcans, the last sanctuary of the endangered mountain gorilla. Get close to some of Rwanda’s fantastic wildlife at the A’Kagera National Park which covers more than 2,500 square kilometres of savannah and is a habitat for more than 500 species of birds.

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