Access Kenya

Located in central Kenya north of Nairobi, this non-profit has a focus on agriculture and water to help farmers and wildlife.

Access KenyaAccess stands for Action Crew on Community Environment for Sustainable Services. It is a non-profit, non-government, community organization. The projects are based in Naro Moru, Kenya, East Africa. The organization was started in 2004 by a local group in Naro Moru as a volunteer program to deal with issues of deforestation, trouble with prolonged droughts and low productivity of agriculture, infrastructure rebuilding as well as a lack of adequate learning facilities around the Mount Kenya area.

Education and volunteer tree planting serve to protect the wildlife and safe guard the essential water needed for the people and wildlife in the area.

The national government is supporting the creation of citizen based committees to plant new trees. These committees are comprised of all village stakeholders and are the umbrella bodies for many volunteer projects throughout the villages. The community/district of Naro Moru is made up of the town center and six other villages within a 25 km area and each of these villages have similar water shortage and reforestation issues.

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