Jatan Sansthan

Rajsamand and Udaipur, INDIA: Jatan Sansthan is a grassroots non-government organization working with rural youth, women and children.


Since its inception in 2001, Jatan’s focus has been to improve social and demographic indicators in the Railmagra Block, with a particular focus on youth. Over the past 12 years, Jatan has developed a large variety of programs for young people, women, children and marginialized communities in the area. The scope of these programs ranges from community issues, health, education and employment to democratic participation and women’s equality. Jatan’s vision is a society where young people lead a healthy, safe, empowered life free of all forms of discrimination.

In recent years, Jatan has developed empowerment programs for women that contribute to their safety, well-being and productivity. This includes the construction of hygiene facilities, police and counselling facilities, as well as technological training and intervention.  Jatan also works closely with migrant labourers and their families to improve understanding of labour laws and commercial health risks. More recent DWC projects with Jatan have also begun the construction of community electronics labs and the establishment of Internet capabilities in rural communities.

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