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Udaipur, INDIA: Sahyog Sansthan was established in 1987 as a non-profit society by a team of social workers who chose to work in their native region after gaining experience in other parts of South Rajasthan.

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Sahyog Sansthan works in more than 85 villages in India in the Udaipur and Chittorgarh districts. Sahyog Sansthan’s long-term goal is to support community-driven improvement for the lives of rural poor and play a role in promoting equitable and democratic institutions in the region.

Sahyog Sansthan’s programs in the Udaipur area revolve around educating and assisting farmers to return their desert absorbed land into arable, productive farmland. This has included mapping all rivers and smaller waterways that develop during the annual monsoon and then designing water catchment and containment structures to direct and conserve this sole source of water in the area. Sahyog is also involved in teaching sound farming practices including composting, organic growing and energy conservation, and also supports schools in the areas where their efforts are directed.

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