We take all possible precautions, provide experienced team leaders and keep in contact to ensure the safety of all volunteers


Safety on volunteer trips is our utmost priority. All of our team leaders are trained in first aid. Moreover, they understand country-specific emergency protocols and they take any precautions necessary to ensure the safety and security of our volunteers. Additionally, our team leaders are always equipped with a DWC first aid kit.

We do not send teams to areas that are dangerous. If we feel there to is a risk to safety on a volunteer trip, we will withdraw from countries. We monitor country advisories and, if there are concerns, we are in contact with our in-country partners to get on-the-ground information.

All volunteers must have travel/medical insurance so they have adequate coverage for their health care. Because some people do get sick while travelling and we want to ensure volunteers get medical attention when needed.

Should a critical incident occur while a team is already in country, we have protocols and procedures in place to ensure everyone is safe. Team leaders carry cell phones and have 24-hour access to staff in Canada who provide whatever support is needed.  Thankfully, we have never had to use these procedures in all of the years DWC has sent thousands of volunteers overseas.

Volunteers are sent a pre-trip package of information that maps out what to prepare for, what to pack and other details about what to expect on your service trip. You are always free – and encouraged  –  to do additional research on the country and region you are going to and on the in-country partner. If any questions arise from your research, you can contact us at any time.
As such, there’s no need to worry with Developing World Connections. We hope to see you out there where you’re needed most.

Safety on volunteer trips with Developing World Connections

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