What To Expect

Explore the world. Lend a hand. Build hope.

What To Expect

You are thinking about signing up for a trip to volunteer abroad. That means new sights, new smells, new food, new culture, new people and new experiences.

Whether you’re in high school, a university student on spring break or taking a gap year, a family on vacation, an employee booking a holiday or a retiree, we have a volunteer trip to make your travel overseas meaningful.

We make trips as affordable as possible, but keep in mind a part of what you pay goes toward the materials used on the project you will be working on.

Because we are a charity, we are not out to make a profit – our goal is to accommodate people who are looking for more meaning in their lives to connect with those who need a hand up, but not a hand out. Our goal is to give you a great experience volunteering for good and to ensure the work you do is important to the community served.

Also because we are a charity, we give you a Canadian or U.S. tax receipt for your trip costs. That’s something that a for-profit business can’t offer.

What a great way to open your eyes and your heart and challenge yourself.

You won’t be alone


All our teams travel with an experienced team leader who can answer questions, help deal with culture shock and guide you through your community-service trip. Back in Canada, DWC staff provide support and around-the-clock emergency services if needed to ensure your trip overseas goes smoothly.

Teams usually consist of six to 20 people. Not large groups, but big enough to get some work done and have some fun. That means you’ll meet with other, similar-minded volunteers.

You’ll do something with impact

You might end up building a school or a latrine, a structure to retain water or a women’s shelter, a home or a community kitchen. Or you might distribute reading glasses or install a stove.

Most DWC projects involve constructing something that has impact on a whole community. Some affect individuals or one family. Whatever the project, it will be meaningful.

All team members work to the best of their ability and special skills are not required. You might not complete the project, but you’ll definitely help move it forward so the next team can keep it progressing. The volunteer work you do will be sustainable and fill an important need.

At the project site, you’ll be sweating alongside other volunteers but also local people. That gives you a chance to learn a few new words in another language – or at least some signs to communicate. You’ll see how communication and connection can come not from words, but from actions.

You’ll experience new things


Like all our volunteers, you will stay in accommodations that are comfortable and safe. They are usually two- or three-star hotels, private homes, guesthouses or, for some student trips, dormitories or backpackers’ lodges (based on double occupancy).

We make sure you get bottled water and food that is hygienically prepared. If you have special dietary needs, you can be accommodated.

You’ll see, smell, taste, hear and feel what life is like in someone else’s world, and share yours.

You’ll leave behind a legacy from your service work and create a connection that lasts forever.

You’ll explore, build and make an impact when volunteering abroad.

Let’s go!

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