Why Pay To Volunteer?

Make a difference while making lifelong memories

Why Pay To Volunteer?

Paying to volunteer

Going abroad to volunteer is a noble and exhilarating experience. However, there is always a cost. Volunteers need a place to stay, meals, transportation and construction materials to do their work. There are also behind-the-scenes costs for the staff to develop and organize trips, monitor projects and provide safety and support. A part of the trip fees charged by DWC also goes to the in-country partner and the project itself.

As a non-profit organization, DWC can issue tax receipts for volunteers’ trips abroad. Volunteers can do their own fundraising and we’ll give tax receipts to their donors who give $20 or more.


Where your money goes

Program fee: We dedicate time, staff, training and resources to make sure your trip has a positive impact for you and the community abroad. We create trips and make sure everything needed is in place, from issuing charitable receipts to sending out pre-departure information to maintaining a website. There are many costs that go into making your volunteer trip happen.

As a charity, our mandate is to never exceed 13% direct administration costs and we are proud to say that we continue to uphold this.

In-country costs: While volunteering, you need food, lodging, transportation and guidance in-country. We use local operators and buy local materials and supplies, restaurants and hotels as much as possible. The in-country costs we charge ensure those expenses are paid.

Project cost: Each volunteer contributes $500 to the project. Of that amount, $400 goes directly to a project to purchase project materials, hiring local labourers and to support our in-country partners in sourcing and developing current and future projects.

The remaining $100 is used for us to develop projects, assess trips, monitor past projects and meet our obligations to the Canada Revenue Agency.

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