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Build a family a home in Guatemala
You can help build a permanent home for a poverty-stricken family in Guatemala. Many single parent or grandparent headed households struggle to provide for their children. Not having permanent, safe housing can compound the myriad of challenges they face in their efforts to move out of poverty. Home ownership increases a family’s ability to save, personal safety and security, performance in school and at work, and improves overall health and well-being. Elders’ Circle members receive an annual tax receipt and quartlery DWC Global Village updates.

DWC’s Global Village program is an easy way to help people in the developing world. Each month, your gift is automatically made through a charge to your credit card. You can change, suspend or cancel your membership at any time.

All contributions to the Global Village, regardless of the giving level, will be pooled together to maximize the impact that we can make.

Here are some of the people Global Village has helped.


Hydi Walesca would hunch over a open fire in the corner of her kitchen. Her one-year-old son Christian breathed in lung-damaging smoke and was in danger of hurting himself on the open fire. Hydi’s husband works as a mason and would spend 12 hours a week collecting firewood for cooking and heat.

Hydi’s family was chosen to receive an eco-stove. Right away, it reduced their firewood use because the stove burns much more efficiently. Her husband spent fewer hours gathering firewood. The whole family has less risk of respiratory problems like pneumonia, cancer and even stroke. Their life is better — just because of that stove.



Eight-year-old James Kirima plays well with other children at a school operated by DWC partner UBUNTU. He doesn’t talk much as he is hard of hearing and has other physical and mental challenges. In his four years in the school, he has learned to walk and run without falling and is improving his fine-motor skills.

James’s mom earns the family’s main income through an UBUNTU income-generation program. His dad is a casual labourer who is without work for long periods. James and other children like him would be shunned and kept closeted away if not for UBUNTU’s programs that offer acceptance and therapy.


DWC invested Global Village money into the parched village of Bargatua Kella to speed up construction of a water-harvesting structure. The land has been degraded by deforestation. Once a year, natural waterways swell with monsoon rains that allows farmers to grow one crop of corn, sorghum, oilseeds, mustard, fruit or vegetables.

The water structure holds back some water so it can replenish the aquifer and nearby wells. Villagers like Lila and Kusum, two young women who helped haul mortar for the dam, joined DWC’s volunteer team to get the job done with the hope of growing a second crop during the year.


In April of 2015, a major earthquake rattled the Gorkha area of Nepal, killing 8,000 people and leaving thousands more homeless. Houses, schools and historic buildings were destroyed. Farmers living near Gorkha live off the rice, vegetables and maize they grow on the terraced, hilly land. In the village of Salangiri, eight-year-old Namrata Thapa, lost her brick school. Students were taught lessons outside until a temporary school was cobbled together out of scrap wood and tin added to a shed.

School gives Namrata and other children hope for a better future. She misses the shelter and quieter rooms of the old school. DWC is using funds from the Global Village to rebuild her school and another in nearby Bandevi.

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If you want to help support DWC’s work but can’t commit to a monthly contribution, you can make a one-time donation. Everything you give connects help to need.

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