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JOSHUA MOLSBERRY Executive Director

From a young age, Joshua has fostered a life-long passion for international relief and development. At age 18, he volunteered abroad for the first time in Turkey after a series of powerful earthquakes hit the country. As part of a small group of volunteers, he worked in a displaced persons camp set up in the aftermath of the disaster. Since completing his master’s degree in international development, Joshua has been involved in relief and development projects throughout the developing world. Most recently, he worked for a large non-government organization in West Africa to help implement water and sanitation projects, agriculture initiatives and rural livelihood programs. Now based in DWC’s Kamloops office, Joshua works to ensure the successful delivery of the organization’s mandate and strives to increase the quality and impact of its efforts in the developing world.

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Thomas JohansenTHOMAS JOHANSEN Program Co-ordinator

Originally from Denmark, Thomas has bachelor’s degree in area studies from Aarhus University in Aarhus, Denmark. His focus was on China because he has always been intrigued by the country and culture. He has a master’s degree in international development from City University in Hong Kong, where he lived for two years after teaching English and studying in various parts of China. He met and married a Canadian woman in China and they moved to Canada in 2012. Thomas worked for a non-profit organization in Vernon, B.C., before coming to Developing World Connections where he is putting his energy into international development and changing people’s lives.

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MICHELE YOUNG Communications Co-ordinator

Communicating is all about playing with words and talking to people, and Michele did that for almost three decades as a journalist before coming on board with Developing World Connections as communications co-ordinator. During her newspaper career, she went on a media exchange to Tanzania where she visited a Canadian-run orphanage for children who lost their parents to AIDS – an unforgettable event and one that has made her want to help others have similar experiences through Developing World Connections. Besides Tanzania, Michele has been to China, Thailand, Costa Rica, much of Europe and most Canadian provinces (but no territories – yet).

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Doug is from Vancouver, where he graduated in economics from UBC. He spent the first part of his career working at the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) as a project and program manager in Ottawa, then as a Canadian diplomat managing CIDA projects in the field. A big focus of his career was promoting development and environmental policy reforms in China, where he lived ten years. He also lived in civil-war affected Sri Lanka in the early 1990s, where he got turned on to the potential of non-government organizations. Doug also covered African development early in his career. Doug moved back to China in 2013 to work with a Canadian NGO with Tibetan nomads on the Tibetan plateau of northwest China, doing conservation and community livelihood work. Doug happily returned to his home territory of B.C. and joined DWC in the fall of 2016 to help create a projects division.

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Michaela Konken admin coordinatorMICHAELA KONKENTrip Co-ordinator

Born and raised in Kamloops, Michaela has always had a passion for travelling and exploring other cultures. She recently completed her undergraduate degree in international relations at the University of Ottawa. It was during her year abroad in Moscow, Russia that she started getting more interested in international development. Her three-month internship in Vietnam in her last year of university really solidified her desire to get involved with international NGOs. She has now returned to Kamloops, eager to gain experience with an international non-profit organization, which she hopes will lead to more travelling and life-changing experiences.

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BRIAN LANE Business Manager

From Maple Ridge originally, Brian got his bachelor’s degree in political science from Montreal’s Concordia University thinking it would round out his skills and experiences. From la belle province, Brian returned to his home province and studied accounting at UBC, knowing that was a field that would play to his strengths of logic and math. His family has a history of working in the accounting field, so it was the natural path for him to follow. That path then brought him to Kamloops and Developing World Connections, as his mother and aunt were doing work for the organization. Eventually, they passed the DWC file on to Brian and he’s been keeping track of the books ever since.

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SHELLIE FRANKLIN Development Co-ordinator

When Shellie stepped off a plane in Hawaii by herself at age 18, she knew travelling was going to be an integral part of her life. Working in the hospitality industry gave her the leeway to travel, and travel she did. Shellie has experienced life in Australia, New Zealand, the Cayman Islands, Tahiti, the Cook Islands, Hawaii, Fiji, Chile, Argentina, France, Jamaica and North America. She worked with a United Nations of staff for eight years in the Cayman Islands and saw how global connecting happens. She has certificates in business administration and social services. On an exploratory trip to Guatemala with Developing World Connections she realized her previous experiences had prepared her to embrace the life transformation that she went through on that trip. All of that has led to her joining DWC’s staff where her unique perspectives and talents are appreciated.

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