Every Girl Empower One Girl and You Will Change Her Life Forever

A Brighter Future for Girls

Girls are central to the global poverty story. For the poorest families who are barely getting by, money for their children’s school tuition, books, uniforms and other costs is not always available. For girls especially, there are many obstacles standing in the way of education. The most recent data indicates that girls represent a disproportionately higher number of the total illiterate youth population in the developing world. In some families, girls are held back from attending school even if they are eager. They are required to stay home to fetch water and fuel, care for children and the sick, cook meals and perform household chores. They miss out on the education they deserve. At times, patriarchal traditions and old beliefs can also perpetuate this cycle of inequality.

If girls remain uneducated, they are three times more likely to marry and have children very young. For others, their opportunities later in life will be severely restricted. Educating girls protects them from exploitation and gives them freedom to make decisions that will improve their lives. This not only has a positive impact on their overall health and wellbeing, but it also has deep social implications for a nation’s development. When girls are educated, everyone is better off.

Supporting Bright & Motivated Girls

EVERY GIRL is currently supporting bright and motivated girls from the poorest families in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Liberia and Guatemala. Funding covers their tuition, exam fees, a computer, uniforms, books and stationery. Despite not being able to attend class for six months due to Covid-19 lockdown, students continued with their lessons and received support through community classes.

DWC’s in-country partners conduct home visits. They ensure families have enough to eat, distribute coursebooks, stationery, a dress, a pair of shoes and a bag to each student in the EVERY GIRL program.

Meet Mahima Chaudhary

A speech competition, “My Voice, Our Equal Future,“ marked eight years of recognizing International Day of the Girl Child. Nineteen students participated and among them was Mahima Chaudhary, who is part of DWC’s EVERY GIRL program. Mahima won this competition with a very heartfelt and motivating speech about how her role in society can make a difference and make Nepal peaceful.

17-year-old Mahima Chaudhary lives with her father, mother, and two younger brothers in a modest mud home in Gadhawa Rural Municipality, Nepal. Mahima’s parents were once bonded labourers and then, for three years after, both worked at a brick factory far from their home. Her father is now a carpenter in a local furniture factory, and her mother does agriculture and labour work.

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Empower One Girl And You Will Change Her Life Forever

Globally, women form the majority of the of the world’s extreme poor. Ensuring girls enter and stay in the classroom is crucial to eradicate global poverty.

DWC’s EVERY GIRL program provides access to education for girls in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Liberia and Guatemala who live in poverty. Removing barriers such as the costs of tuition, books and even transportation opens doors that allows girls to achieve their full potential.

An estimated one in three girls will experience gender-based violence in her lifetime. Your gift will also provide social support services for those who experience domestic violence.