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Please read the terms and conditions of DWC carefully before enrolling in the program. By clicking on the box beside the words “I agree to the terms and conditions” on the online enrolment form, you agree to the following terms and conditions.



The minimum age to participate on a volunteer trip is 12 years of age; between 12 and 15 years of age a participant must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The minimum age to participate on a volunteer trip unaccompanied by a parent or guardian is 16 years old.

Any volunteer 18 years of age or younger who is not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian must be approved by the DWC team leader and Developing World Connections. The volunteer must provide signed letters from his/her parents or guardians permitting the volunteer to travel as a DWC participant and to join in all activities of the trip. The volunteer is advised to have a notarized letter from his/her parent or guardian and to retain a copy for his/her travels.

To participate on a youth and university trip, an applicant must be age 16 up to and including 29 years. Some exceptions may apply.


1) The volunteer must submit a DWC trip application. DWC reserves the right not to accept an applicant into a program for any reason. Additionally, DWC relies upon any statements or representations that are made in the application form or during the application process as being true.

2) The volunteer must read, agree and sign DWC’s liability and release waiver that states, among other things:

• That he/she releases DWC, the DWC board, employees, team leader(s) and any persons or groups associated to them of all liability;

• That signing signifies that he/she is waiving any claims against DWC, the DWC board, employees, team leader(s) and any persons or groups associated to DWC and expressly assuming all risks associated with participating in any DWC programs.

3) The volunteer must submit a DWC health form certifying that the information submitted is true and inform DWC of any pertinent changes to health prior to departure.



CHEQUE: Cheques should be written to Developing World Connections.

CASH: Cash is only accepted in person. Please do not send cash in the mail.

MONEY ORDER: Money orders are written to Developing World Connections. The full name of the purchaser and his/her complete mailing address must be indicated.

ONLINE via CANADAHELPS.ORG: Volunteers who opt to make contributions online may use CanadaHelps, a secure payment server. The contributor will get email notifications and a charitable tax receipt from CanadaHelps. Please contact the DWC office for payment instructions or visit: www.developingworldconnections.org.

CREDIT CARD: Visa and Mastercard are accepted. All credit card transactions must be authorized by the card holder.

CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION: Volunteers can authorize DWC to automatically charge the applicable amount to their credit card at a specified time according to the information they have provided on their volunteer application and/or booking form.


A $500 non-refundable program contribution, which is applied toward the total cost of the trip, is due with the volunteer application. Airfare is due when ticketed. The balance owing is due 60 days before the scheduled departure date.

The total combined cost of the $500 program contribution, $500 project contribution and in-country cost covers: administrative expenses, direct project donation, program cost, and in-country costs (i.e. in-country accommodations, most meals and in-country ground transportation except those expenses incurred during free time.)


FIRST PAYMENT: The $500 program contribution is due with a volunteer’s application to confirm his/her registration with a specific trip. An application is not complete and the participant’s space cannot be confirmed until this payment is received.

FLIGHT PAYMENT: Airfare is due when ticketed. Developing World Connections will contact the volunteer when payment is due and full payment must be made within 10 business days. If full payment is not made within that time, Developing World Connections will cancel the volunteer’s flights and all non-refundable donations will be redirected for charitable purposes (see section 8 in the fundraising policy).

FINAL PAYMENT: The balance owing for the volunteer’s total trip cost is due no later than 60 days before departure. This includes the $500 project contribution and the amount owing for in-country costs. Cheques sent in the mail must arrive at least 60 days before departure. The volunteer’s inability to pay or fundraise the amount required to cover his/her trip cost in a timely manner will negate his/her eligibility to participate. Failure to meet these payment deadlines will result in the trip and flight being cancelled by DWC and/or its service providers.

If a volunteer submits his/her application within 60 days of departure, the first payment of $500 program contribution is due immediately, followed by the flight payment when ticketed. The final payment will then be due within a reasonable time prior to the departure date but no later than 14 days from departure.


Volunteers are responsible for any additional costs they incur during free or personal time and for activities that are outside the DWC volunteer effort. DWC is not responsible for acts or failures of anyone who provides services to the volunteer in connection with a trip. For example, DWC is not responsible for any costs a volunteer incurs due to delays or problems caused by any travel agent, airline, hotel, a foreign government or the Canadian government.


It is the responsibility of each volunteer to ensure he/she possesses the necessary emergency medical insurance in order to participate. He/she must provide DWC and its service providers with proof of valid emergency medical insurance coverage. Volunteers understand a complete travel insurance package (including medical, emergency medical, trip delay, lost luggage and trip cancellation) is highly recommended.

Please note: Many travel insurance policies DO NOT cover high-risk activities such as climbing, trekking or scuba diving. These activities often require special coverage.


Volunteers are solely responsible for planning their entry and departure from foreign countries and must carry the necessary documents. They must hold a valid passport that is valid for an additional six months after returning home and a visa for the destination country (if necessary). Costs to obtain these required travel documents are the volunteer’s responsibility.


While DWC may offer volunteers a list of suggested immunizations and travel health tips based on publicly available sources, DWC representatives are not medical professionals and have no medical expertise whatsoever. Volunteers are responsible for obtaining all required health information and vaccinations. They are also responsible for all costs incurred for the required health documents and/or vaccinations.

FLIGHTS: Volunteers are responsible for booking and securing their own airfare. They may choose to use DWC’s preferred travel agency or another agency. All costs and considerations related to air travel are their responsibility. (For more information on flights please see: 9. TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS AND FLIGHT POLICY.)

TRAVEL DEVIATIONS: If a volunteer’s travel schedule deviates from group activity, he or she will be responsible for any additional costs/arrangements for transportation to the location of the trip and the volunteer should try to co-ordinate his/her schedule with that of the rest of the group.



DWC reserves the right to decline to accept any person as a volunteer, or to require any volunteer to withdraw at any time, when such action is determined by the appropriate DWC staff representative to be in the best interests of the health, safety and general welfare of the program or of the individual participant. In such a case, DWC accepts no responsibility for any airline cancellation penalty incurred by the purchase of a non-refundable ticket or any other cost that a volunteer may incur.

Dates, schedules, program details and costs are given in good faith, based on information available and in effect at the time they are given. They are subject to change and revision in the event of a change of circumstances. DWC reserves the right to revise fees at any time and without notice. If a volunteer has already submitted an application and not yet begun a trip, the volunteer will be held to the original pricing at the time of application.

In accordance with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) policy, any payment made to Developing World Connections that is eligible for a charitable tax receipt is non-refundable. Exceptions are noted below.


If a volunteer cancels a volunteer trip for any reason, he/she must notify DWC in writing. If a volunteer cancels, all funds contributed to the trip, including flights, are non-refundable. DWC will not refund payment because of a volunteer’s inability to participate according to the scheduled itinerary.

Only in the event a volunteer cannot participate due to extenuating circumstances, as determined by DWC, will the net amount donated (i.e. the total amount donated towards the volunteer’s trip cost less any applicable flight and cancellation costs) be transferred to the volunteer for a future trip that departs within one year of the original trip date. This amount may also be applied to the trip cost of a volunteer who is not already registered for a trip.

A commitment to a future volunteer trip is required within 90 days of the time of withdrawal and if an application is not completed within that time, or the net amount donated is not transferred to another volunteer, the net transferable amount will be re-allocated for charitable purposes. If the recipient of the transferred amount cannot participate or must cancel, no further transfers are possible and funds will be re-allocated to charitable purposes.


Developing World Connections may cancel a trip at any time because of acts of war, terrorism, acts of God or unforeseen circumstances whereby the volunteer’s safety and well-being could be jeopardized or the project becomes impossible to fulfill. Developing World Connections also reserves the right to cancel if a minimum of six people have not registered for a trip within 90 days of departure.

If DWC cancels a volunteer trip, all donations and payments will be fully refunded, with the exception of flight costs and cancellation costs. DWC will make every effort to transfer the volunteer and all his/her trip contributions to an alternative trip. If that is not possible, then DWC will refund all donations made by the volunteer, with the exceptions of flight and cancellation costs. This is in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency policy due to the fact the project has become impossible to fulfill. Donations made on behalf of the volunteer are not eligible for refund and will be allocated for charitable purposes.


All contributed payments are slated for goods and services that are usually paid for in advance. If DWC commits to purchases before your cancellation or withdrawal from a trip, that money – including credit card and transaction fees – cannot be refunded or transferred to another trip or to another volunteer.


In all circumstances, the cost of airfare is non-refundable and, as such, the purchase of cancellation insurance is strongly recommended. With the purchase of cancellation insurance, the cost of airfare may be recovered from the insurer and no portion is recoverable from DWC. When cancellation insurance is not purchased, a portion of the airfare may be recoverable directly from the airline. Application for recovery of any portion of the airfare is directly between the volunteer and the travel agent/airline. In the event that DWC has purchased a ticketed flight for which sufficient payment has not been made and the volunteer cancels, the volunteer is obliged to pay DWC the applicable non-recoverable costs.



DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS will issue a Canadian charitable tax receipt to the donor who is indicated according to the date the payment is actually received by DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS. Donors will receive their Canadian charitable tax receipt no later than the end of February of the following year after the payment was received.

For information on all registered charities in Canada under the Income Tax Act please visit: Canada Revenue Agency (CRA): www.cra.gc.ca/charities.

  1. It is the interpretation of DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS of CRA guidelines and strict policy to issue receipts to donors for payments directly associated with charitable work and for charitable purposes. All charitable receipts are subject to interpretation by CRA.
  2. A charitable receipt is issued to the acknowledged donor whose name is directly associated with the payment. DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS will issue a charitable tax receipt to one person. In instances when two names appear on a cheque, the receipt will be issued to the individual whose name first appears on the cheque notwithstanding explicit instructions otherwise from the donor.
  3. DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS will issue a charitable tax receipt for costs that are directly incurred and applicable to the volunteer’s trip. Funds contributed through group fundraising are not eligible for a charitable tax receipt where there is no clear link between a donor and a volunteer. A volunteer will never be issued a charitable tax receipt for group/mass fundraising. (See section 8. Fundraising)
  4. Costs eligible for a charitable tax receipt are: all donations equal to or exceeding $20 CDN made directly to DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS for charitable purposes; all donations equal to or exceeding $1 CDN made online through CanadaHelps.org to DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS for charitable purposes; total trip cost – program contribution, project contribution and in-country costs; and non-deviated return economy class airfare booked with DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS via travel partners Uniglobe Geo One Travel or Raptim Humanitarian Travel.
  5. Costs not eligible for a charitable tax receipt are: insurance including travel, emergency medical, cancellation, baggage, etc.; travel necessities such as passports, country visas, vaccinations, medications, etc.; costs associated with a culture tour or for tourism-related activities such as transport, entrance fees, etc.; and any extra costs incurred because of a deviated travel itinerary.
  6. The charitable tax receipt will be dated according to the date the payment is actually received by DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS.


IF A VOLUNTEER CHOOSES TO FUNDRAISE: The volunteer will inform DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS and will be provided with appropriate DWC fundraising forms. The volunteer will follow DWC fundraising policy as outlined below.

  1. A participant can only fundraise for costs that are eligible for a charitable tax receipt.
  2. All donations are to be made directly to DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS, not to the volunteer. Cheques written to the volunteer will not be eligible for a tax receipt unless it forms part of a proxy contribution (see # 6 below).
  3. Charitable receipts will not be issued for cash donations that are not made in person. When cash is the only viable donation method for fundraising, the donor is eligible if his/her donation forms part of a proxy contribution (see # 6 below).
  4. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to ensure that donations submitted to DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS toward his/her total trip cost must be accompanied by the following information: the full name of the volunteer doing the fundraising; and the donor’s full name, complete mailing address and email address. Charitable tax receipts cannot be issued without this information and it is the volunteer’s responsibility to provide DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS with the donor’s updated information.
  5. Charitable tax receipts can only be issued to those whose names appear on the respective cheques, or to those who have signed the applicable forms as part of a proxy contribution (see # 6 below).
  6. A proxy contribution is a payment made by a volunteer on behalf of his/her donors; a proxy contribution is only for cash donations. Each proxy contribution must: be made by the volunteer (i.e. with a cheque in his/her name, or with a money order purchased by the volunteer); and be accompanied by a DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS fundraising form with its respective signatures, names and addresses.
  7. DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS will keep an updated record of the donations received on the volunteer’s behalf, but it is the volunteer’s responsibility to maintain his/her own records. The volunteer may inquire at any time about his/her record of contributions and donations and DWC will provide a record of contribution to date with in two to three business days from an inquiry. In the event that a discrepancy exists and the volunteer does not have sufficient evidence or record of contributions and donations, the records of DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS will be considered accurate.
  8. For all payments made online through CanadaHelps.org, the volunteer assumes responsibility for learning and factoring in online payment processing time which may take up to two weeks. The volunteer is responsible for ensuring all funds have been received by DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS before payment deadlines.
  9. Donations made to DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS as part of a group fundraising effort must be accompanied by a clear and concise written explanation of the portion allocated to each volunteer’s total trip cost. The sum of the individual portions must equal the total donation amount.
  10. The sum total of the contributions and donations towards a volunteer’s total trip cost is tallied progressively in the order DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS actually receives payment. Payments are due according to contribution schedule and calculated based on funds actually received.
  11. Any funds raised through group or mass fundraising is not eligible for a charitable tax receipt where there is no clear link made to an actual donor, therefore a volunteer will not receive a charitable tax receipt on behalf of group or mass fundraising donations.
  12. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to collect and send all donations which can be mailed or delivered directly to DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS. All donations must be received 60 days before departure or up to two weeks prior to the final balance being due, whichever comes first, to be applied to the volunteer’s total trip cost.
  13. Any amount fundraised in excess of a volunteer’s total trip cost and possible airfare if applicable, will be redirected for charitable purposes as deemed by DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS and not necessarily to the in-country partner that the volunteer is working with. Excess amounts fundraised by an individual will not be redirected toward another volunteer’s total trip cost.
  14. Any bank charges associated with cheques returned for insufficient funds will be attributed to the amount owing of a volunteer’s total trip cost.


ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST BE AWARE That they am responsible for booking and securing their own airfare. They may choose to use DWC’s preferred travel agency or another agency. All costs and considerations related to air travel are the volunteer’s responsibility.

That DWC shares personal information from the volunteer application, excluding financial information, with DWC’s travel partners, Uniglobe One Travel and/or Raptim Humanitarian Travel.


DWC requires that all volunteers arrive at the designated project site by the scheduled project arrival date, usually a Monday morning. Volunteers are responsible for arranging and paying all airfare and other transport to and from the country where they will be participating on the trip. While they may choose to use DWC’s preferred travel agency, it is their sole responsibility to arrive in the trip country in a comfortable, safe and timely manner. Additionally, start and end dates are fixed. If volunteers arrive late to the trip or miss days during their experience, regardless of the reason, DWC will not reimburse them. If they stay extra days, before or after the volunteer period, they will be responsible for any additional costs/arrangements.


Although volunteers may choose to depart before scheduled project dates, they agree to participate in a pre-project orientation session. They will inform DWC of their travel plans to ensure their arrival and departure is understood. If their arrival or departure travel schedule deviates from the project schedule or group activity, the volunteer is responsible for any additional costs/arrangements for transportation to the work site and will try to co-ordinate his/her schedule with the rest of the group.


  1. DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS arranges flights with Uniglobe One Travel or Raptim Humanitarian Travel. Unless instructed otherwise by the volunteer, DWC will book each volunteer’s flight through Uniglobe One Travel or Raptim Humanitarian Travel. A volunteer can buy his/her flights independently or through their own chosen travel agency, but the cost of these flights are then not eligible for a charitable tax receipt.
  2. DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS only books economy class airfare.
  3. In all cases, the volunteer is liable for all non-recoverable flight costs and, as such, flight cancellation insurance should be bought at the time of ticketing. If a volunteer cancels without having purchased flight cancellation insurance, and if DWC has bought the volunteer’s flight without the volunteer having paid for or fundraised for the full cost of the flight, the participant must pay DWC all non-recoverable costs. The cost of cancellation insurance is not eligible for a charitable tax receipt and must be paid directly by the volunteer. When the volunteer’s flight is booked through DWC, a dedicated Uniglobe One Travel or Raptim Humanitarian Travel agent will contact the volunteer directly to offer insurance.
  4. Flight booking times vary for each trip and are selected in consultation with DWC, the team leader and the volunteer. Flights are selected based on cost, availability, timing and the specific needs of the volunteer.
  5. DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS may book a flight as early as six or more months before departure. DWC will inform volunteers when their flights have been booked. The full cost of all airfare is due within 10 days of ticketing.
  6. DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS will contact the volunteer when payment is due and full payment must be made within 10 business days after ticketing. If full payment is not made within 10 business days or if the volunteer cannot be contacted, DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS will cancel the volunteer’s flights and his/her eligibility to join the trip will be forfeited. All donations will be redirected for charitable purposes as deemed by DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS.
  7. Volunteers may use a rewards program (i.e. Aeroplan points or Air Miles) to book his or her flights. The value of these flights is not eligible for a charitable tax receipt and any associated costs resulting from travel deviations caused by flights booked from a rewards program are assumed by the volunteer.
  8. Costs associated with deviated flight plans are not eligible for a charitable tax receipt. Any deviated airfare costs are payable in full before DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS will ticket a flight.

Deviated flights are flights not directly related to getting to and from the trip country destination and flights not directly leaving from and returning to the airport nearest to the volunteer’s permanent residence and flights whose departure and return dates do not correspond to the applicable trip itinerary.

  1. If a volunteer has a deviated flight plan, when possible the volunteer will be charged directly by Uniglobe One Travel or Raptim Humanitarian Travel for the deviated portion. When this is not possible, full payment for all the flights must be paid to DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS before ticketing. Of the total amount, the value eligible for a charitable tax receipt is calculated as the average cost of direct return flights from the volunteer’s city of residence.


The following items are included as part of the total trip cost for typical two-week trips. Inclusions for DWC high-school student volunteer trips, youth and university volunteer trips and custom trips as offered by DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS may vary. Please contact the DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS office for specific information on what may be included for a particular trip.


The volunteer gets access to a designated DWC trip co-ordinator and a dedicated travel agent with one of DWC’s travel partners. DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS issues Canadian charitable tax receipts for any donations made to the volunteer’s total trip cost and flight(s). Volunteers also get pre-trip resources/orientation and any other administrative resources deemed necessary by DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS.


Each volunteer contributes a substantial donation to DWC’s in-country partner and the project. This contribution is used for project materials, local project expertise and labour and social programs as deemed necessary by the in-country partner. In-country project development and monitoring of the donation legacy is also included in this project contribution.

In-country inclusions:


Included is group ground transfer from the in-country airport to the project site upon arrival and group ground transfer from the project site to the arrival airport upon completion of project. Volunteers with deviated travel itineraries are responsible for any costs incurred. DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS may help in arranging deviated travel needs. Daily transport to and from accommodations to the volunteer project site is also included. Transport may be by bus, van, taxi, bicycle, scooter, rickshaw/tuk-tuk, motorbike or on foot.


The volunteer’s accommodations for the nights associated with the trip at DWC-approved accommodations are included. Accommodation rates are based on double occupancy. Unless explicitly requested by a volunteer, DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS will arrange for double occupancy accommodations and cannot guarantee single occupancy. Additional costs may apply if a volunteer requests and/or requires single occupancy accommodations. Hot water, attached bathroom, air-conditioning (A/C) and electricity are not guaranteed. Other amenities like laundry or in-room safe are not included at any time.


Included are the costs for breakfast, lunch and dinner consumed in-country during the days of the trip. Volunteers typically eat in a group, but if a volunteer is ill and/or cannot join the group for good reason (determined at the team leader’s discretion), the team leader may issue the volunteer a meal allowance in local cash currency.

Otherwise, the cost for in-country meals consumed apart from the team cannot nor will not be reimbursed. The cost of appetizers, desserts, snacks and alcohol is never included. Team leaders administer a food budget in-country and may indicate the individual meal allowance when ordering in restaurants. Extra meal costs that exceed this meal allowance must be paid for directly by the volunteer.


Potable water is provided for meals and at the worksite. Volunteers may be asked to pack a refillable water bottle(s) to take potable water to the project site.


A cellphone is carried by the DWC team leader at all times in case of emergencies, along with a comprehensive medical/first aid kit. A DWC team leader is trained in standard first aid and CPR.


Each group has a dedicated trained volunteer DWC team leader to accompany the group for the duration of the trip.


Any transport, accommodation and/or food costs incurred in transit to the trip country and/or project community prior to the start of the trip or after project end date are not included. Gratuities, tipping, taxes and personal care costs such as souvenirs, laundry and medical aid are not included at any time. Any costs incurred as a result of participation in activities not associated with the project site or trip, regardless of the majority of the group and team leader choosing to participate in said activities are also not included.



They will be a respectful guest in the trip country and participant in the DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS trip. They agree to follow all applicable rules, policies and guidelines of DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS, the service providers and the laws of the country and community.

This trip may be physically demanding. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to disclose an accurate account of any limitations in his/her mobility and all other relevant information relating to his/her health and fitness on the DWC health form. Volunteers must also advise DWC and any and all service providers of this tour, where applicable, of any change to his/her level of mobility or health and fitness between booking and starting the trip. DWC and the service provider reserve the right in their absolute discretion to terminate without notice the trip arrangements of any volunteer who is likely, in their reasonable opinion, or in the opinion of any operator or any other person in authority, to be unable to cope adequately with the demands of the trip. In either of these circumstances all of DWC and the service provider obligations to volunteers under this contract or otherwise shall cease, full cancellation charges apply and DWC and the service provider shall not be liable for any refund, compensation or costs incurred by the volunteer whatsoever.

Prior to commencement of effort made on the project site, the DWC team leader will provide an on-site/local orientation to explain the rules and safety guidelines. It is essential that all volunteers obey all rules and respect the authority of the in-country partner and team leader. In the event that a volunteer/s refuse/s to comply with such rules, behaves in an illegal, offensive or inappropriate manner which negatively impacts the trip, behaves in a way which negatively impacts the safety of the experience as a whole, other volunteers or others (as determined by the sole discretion of the DWC team leader), places the trip at risk or in violation of established local rules, or DWC trip rules, DWC reserves the right to terminate such volunteer’s trip. All costs associated with such termination shall be borne by the person/s in breach of the trip rules.

If a volunteer does not follow all rules, laws, policies and guidelines the DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS team leader, the service provider, any operator or any other person in authority, has the authority to ask that volunteer to leave the project site anytime during the duration of the DWC trip. If a volunteer is asked to leave, he/she agrees to leave immediately. All costs incurred by the volunteer will be his/her responsibility.

DEVELOPING WORLD CONNECTIONS is never responsible for a volunteer’s actions, possible incarceration or legal issues. All costs incurred by the volunteer will be his/her responsibility.

These conditions are subject to law as applied in the country of the trip and the courts of law in the country of the trip shall have sole jurisdiction.

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