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Find the true meaning of service while volunteering on an Adult and Family trip in Cambodia

Mar 3, 2018
Mar 17, 2018
Approx. $2,200
Odong, Kep province, Cambodia


Get your hands dirty doing construction work with our partner Equitable Cambodia and get a chance to see and explore life in the village of Odong in Kep province. Equitable Cambodia is a grassroots organization aimed at promoting community empowerment, education and human rights. EC grew out of another group, Bridges Across Borders Cambodia, that fought poverty and promoted education, leadership and health programs along with land and housing rights. This village needs people like you to volunteer in Cambodia.

About The Trip:

As a volunteer in Cambodia, you’ll build a family home or water structure or latrine, or even a combination of two of those, while you are on site. You’ll work in the village of Odong, but stay in a hotel in nearby Kep, where a blue crab statue salutes you from the azure coastal waters.

Our in-country partner, Equitable Cambodia, strives to raise awareness, facilitates exchanges of many kinds and supports creative endeavors that affirm our common humanity. The organization is founded on the belief that sustainable development and human rights are interdependent and interrelated, and its work encompasses that.

You’ll do construction that builds a future for people who have little. You’ll work alongside like-minded volunteers who are also passionate about travel and giving others a hand up, not a hand out.

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It’s Not All Work:

In March, Cambodia is in its dry season, so there will be little if any rain until April. Temperatures are definitely warm, and humidity is low – it’s dry, dry, dry. This is a great time to be seeing and volunteering in the country, but it can be hot and dusty.

Kep was actually a seaside resort for the French elite in the early 1900s and later a gathering place for big-time Cambodian gamblers. It’s still a draw for tourists, with such attractions as Kep National Park with walking trails, the Buddhist temple Wat Kiri Sela, a butterfly farm and, of course, some magnificent beaches for swimming and snorkeling.

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The Project:

Volunteers will build a dream home as envisioned by the family who was chosen by their community to receive a new house. The team will also be building latrines and assisting with food and water security projects in the community of Odong.

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Cambodia 15

When / Itinerary:

  • Saturday, March 3 – Team arrives Phnom Penh airport; transport to Kep. Check in to hotel
  • Monday, March 5 to Friday, March 9 – PROJECT WORK in Odong
  • Saturday, March 10 to Sunday, March 11 – Free days for some R and R
  • Monday, March 12 to Friday, March 16 – PROJECT WORK in Odong
  • Saturday, March 17: Return to Phnom Penh

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Do I need construction experience and how much will we work?

You don’t need any special skills or training. We hire local skilled labourers who will give training onsite for construction and team leaders. You will work at your own pace five days a week from about 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Your evenings and weekends are free for cultural activities and relaxing.

What are meals and accommodations like?

The team will stay at a hotel in Kep that is comfortable and clean. The food is prepared hygienically and dishes range from local to standard Western fare.

How much does it cost?

The program cost is about $2,200 and will be finalized closer to the departure date. This includes accommodations, meals, in-country transport, program costs and a donation to Equitable Cambodia. It does not include airfare.

The entire program and flight costs are 100% tax deductible when paid through DWC. You can also fundraise and we will issue charitable receipts for donations $20 CDN or greater.

Why should I volunteer?

Volunteer trips take you to places you otherwise might never go, to do things you otherwise might never do and to meet people you might never otherwise meet.

You’ll make a difference in others’ lives and they will make a difference in yours. Simply put, there is joy and self-discovery that comes with giving to others. And you’ll have fun doing it, too.

DWC Team Leader:

Tanja Kisslinger
Tanja has two passions: travel and volunteering. She has volunteered in Romania, Costa Rica, Tanzania, India and Mongolia, and has travelled to many places including Peru, Hungary, Germany, France, Italy and Hawaii.

She is a two-time DWC team leader. In 2014, she led a team to the rural village of Lamahi in Nepal, where they participated in the building of a women’s community centre, complete with solar power. She has also had the fortune to work extensively with numerous grassroots non-profit organizations in Tanzania and, in 2015, worked with an international disaster relief agency in Nepal. Her professional background is communications, journalism and graphic design.

Tanja simply believes in the power and value of volunteering. She has seen what it can do for the volunteer him/herself and for the local community. To her, volunteering is a chance to explore this amazing world through active service. There simply is no other way to truly embrace compassion and awareness other than to simply roll up your sleeves and step in.

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