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Dental Hygiene in The Philippines

Oct 9, 2021
Oct 16, 2021
Approx. $2,300 (based on 10 volunteers)
Cebu City, Philippines

Dental Hygiene in The Philippines

DWC Dental Hygiene Program

DWC is well-positioned to assist academic institutions in creating service-learning opportunities for their students. Central to DWC’s approach has been its ability to work with faculty to customize the experience to align with specific learning outcomes. Often, these revolve around increasing students’ global competency, including intercultural awareness, an understanding and respect of indigenous knowledge and a greater sense of global citizenship.
In other instances, learning outcomes have been skill- based, such as performing specific clinical functions or conducting training sessions in a remote setting.
Irrespective of the desired outcome, DWC can work with educators to create impactful service-learning experiences. Furthermore, its highly developed safety and security protocols, combined with extensive logistical and administrative capacity, reduce the challenges and resource-drain that universities can face when leading groups of young adults to the developing world.
DWC is proposing field school opportunities for the schools within the discipline of Dental Sciences in 2021.

Project Details

The Philippines is among the poorest and least developed countries in the world, with one-quarter of its population living below the poverty line. It is an archipelago that comprises 7,641 islands, and the eleven largest islands contain 95% of the total land area. The islands are volcanic in origin, being part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, and are mostly mountainous. Most of the population is concentrated on the northern and eastern coast of the island of Mindoro where the cities of Calapan and Puerto Galera are located.

Developing World Connections’  efforts in The Philippines include working with a dental college in Cebu City to provide an unparalleled opportunity for Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants to work with dentists, and on their own, providing much needed dental care and instruction to families in need.

Opportunities for Hygiene and Assistant students may include the following:

  • Providing sanitation and hygiene education
  • Performing hygiene and sanitation procedures
  • Assisting dentists with regular dental procedures such as extractions, and dental restoration
  • Provide preventative dental education and care

Health and Safety

Health and safety are a top priority while volunteers are on an international service trip. DWC`s approach to health and safety relies heavily on the input of our in-country partners, the travel advisories of various government agencies, and safety measures that teams, DWC and our partners must adhere to.

General Safety Requirements Prior to Departure:

  • Travel advisories are monitored by the Developing World Connection office and the Host Partner in country.
  • Developing World Connections has an emergency contingency fund available for use if an emergency were to occur and we need to get our participants out of the country quickly.
  • Developing World Connections works with a designated Travel Agent who works to make any necessary arrangements.
  • Participants are given contact and location information for in-country hospitals on par with western standards.
  • Before departure, all participants are to register with their respective country embassy to ensure accountability in case of emergencies.
  • Emergency Medical Insurance is mandatory for each participant and is purchased prior to departure.
  • The host partner has intimate knowledge of the country, culture and language and works closely with the team at all times.

Team Leader and Team Requirements:

  • Team leaders carry a cell phone at all times so communication is available 24 hours a day between the in-country team and the DWC office.
  • All team leaders have up-to-date first-aid training and have participated in our team leader training.
  • Each team leader carries a comprehensive first-aid kit.
  • The team leader has copies of all passport numbers, medical and travel insurance, emergency contact information, dietary and medical requirements.
  • Team leader training includes health and safety awareness and precautions, emergency and standard operating procedures and practices.
  • Private transportation to and from the airport and worksite (if transportation is necessary) is used throughout entire trip.
  • The team always travels as a group with the team leader and/or chaperones.

Host Partner Requirements:

  • Representatives from our host partners are on hand for our participants throughout their stay and can be called at any time for medical attention or to make any emergency arrangements if needed.
  • The majority of host partner staff and volunteers live and work in the area and are familiar with all nearby medical centers and clinics.

Get on Your Way With Fundraising

Volunteering overseas costs money, and while it may seem daunting to save enough money to go on a trip, there are options to help. Many volunteers, especially students, will fundraise to pay for all or part of their trip. Fundraising not only helps fulfill the dream of volunteering abroad, but it also promotes awareness of global development, sustainable projects, and social responsibility. Every conversation, poster, email, social media post and event that explains where and why students plan to volunteer shows people the commitment to serving abroad which spreads the word about international service. There are many ways to raise money, so students can choose the right type of fundraising project that suits them.

DWC helps by providing a platform that gives each student his or her own fundraising web page on the DWC website but without the administrative fees that are attached to other crowdfunding programs. The page can be shared via social media venues or through email. It gives a student a place to explain what they do; the fundraising goal and how close donations are to reaching that goal DWC issues charitable tax receipts to all donors who give $20 or more toward a student’s trip.

Many students have raised large parts of their trip expenses – some have even covered all of their costs. Fundraising is not only a way to reduce the trip price but is also a good team-building tool for groups and classes. DWC will also work with students who are fundraising to push back their payment deadlines if necessary.

It’s Not All Work!

Students will discover genuine connections with their destination by walking the path of locals. Along the way, they will get to know the country, its culture and the people who call it home through an unforgettable lens. Outside of volunteer time, the team is able to fully experience and appreciate the most memorable and iconic attractions historical sites and natural landmarks.
• The historic church Basilica del Santo Nino
• The Taoist Temple with its landmark dragons
• Magellan’s Cross
• Cebu Heritage Monument
• A full-day trip to Bohol Island is popular because of its beaches and resorts, but it also offers the Chocolate Hills, which are limestone mound formations covered in greenery, fantastic diving locations and the indigenous, big-eyed Philippine tarsier.
• Fort San Pedro• Dive with Whale Sharks
• 3-hour Cebu city tour
• Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
• Crown Regency Sky Experience
• Taboan Public Market
• Tops Lookout
• Terrazas De Flores Botanical Garden


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