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Sri Lanka

Trip Dates Are Tentative

Oct 16, 2021
Oct 30, 2021
Approx. $2,600 (approx) based on 10 volunteers
Tangalle, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

DWC has sent numerous teams to volunteer in Tangalle, Sri Lanka over the years and continues to work on projects to make life better for residents there. In late 2004, after a massive tsunami pummeled 14 countries and killed more than 230,000 people, a team was on the ground in Tangalle, Sri Lanka, to start rebuilding homes, lives and hope. Keep up the tradition and volunteer in Sri Lanka to help those that need it.

About The Trip:

Sri Lanka was the first country that DWC ever sent teams to and that is why it has always been a location that’s special to the organization.

Volunteers in Sri Lanka have built homes for people who have with next to nothing and made improvements to schools (and played with the kids while they were at it) and other community facilities. They have made an impact in the lives of people struggling just to put food on the table and children who need an education to open doors for their futures.

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It’s Not All Work:

As a volunteer in Sri Lanka, you’ll find the Tangalle region is usually humid and hot, with daytime highs reaching about 32C. Being a tropical island, Sri Lanka never really gets cool. Tangalle is perched on the Indian Ocean, where you can go for a swim to get a break from the heat.

Sri Lanka offers a wealth of temples and beaches, but there’s also the Kudawella blow hole where sea water froths up through a hole in a rock cliff, Yala National Park, turtle watching, the Weverukannala Buddha statue, the historic city of Galle and the elephant sanctuary.

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The Project:

Team members will be mixing concrete, hauling bricks or doing whatever other manual labour is required for construction projects. No specialized skills are required, so anyone is welcome to sign up and help out.

Go Katy!
Each child will greet a volunteer and escort them to the grounds.

When / Itinerary:

  • Saturday, October 16 to Sunday, October 17 – Team travels to Sri Lanka; arrival at Colombo airport; transport to Tangalle; check in to hotel and acclimatize
  • Monday, October 18 to Friday, October 22 – PROJECT WORK in Tangalle
  • Saturday, October 23 to Sunday, October 24 – Free days for some R and R
  • Monday, October 25  to Friday, October 29 – PROJECT WORK in Tangalle
  • Saturday, October 30 – Return to Colombo, travel home or continue travel

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Do I need construction experience and how much will we work?
You don’t need any special skills or training. We hire local skilled labourers who will give training onsite for construction and team leaders. You will work at your own pace five days a week from about 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Your evenings and weekends are free for cultural activities and relaxing.
What are meals and accommodations like?
The team will stay at a hotel in Tangalle that is comfortable and clean. The food is prepared hygienically and dishes range from local to standard Western fare.
How much does it cost?
The program cost is about $2,600 and will be finalized closer to the departure date. This includes accommodations, meals, in-country transport, program costs and a donation to Navajeevana. It does not include airfare.

The entire program and flight costs are 100% tax deductible when paid through DWC. You can also fundraise and we will issue charitable receipts for donations $20 CDN or greater.

Why should I volunteer?
Volunteer trips take you to places you otherwise might never go, to do things you otherwise might never do and to meet people you might never otherwise meet.

You’ll make a difference in others’ lives and they will make a difference in yours. Simply put, there is joy and self-discovery that comes with giving to others. And you’ll have fun doing it, too.

DWC Team Leader:

Jen EricksonTeam Leader Jen Baillie

Jennifer Erickson has travel in her blood. She is passionate about exploring new places and cultures.
Her first trip with DWC was to India in October 2015 where she worked on a project to build a women’s shelter. This project hooked her on the kind of engaged travel that DWC trips provide. In 2016/17, she took a one year leave of absence from work to travel and participated in two DWC projects – building a home in the Philippines and a return to India as a team leader.
Jennifer is a public servant in her work life, working for the Ministry of Health in Victoria.
In addition to India, Jen lived in France and has travelled to places as varied as Peru, Scandinavia, the Middle East, Asia and East Africa. She is passionate about community development and empowering people to contribute to improving their lives.

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