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Custom Trips

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Create your own dream team, whether it’s family, friends, co-workers or classmates. We can design a custom volunteer trip for you and your group of six or more so you can change the world together and create a lifetime of memories.

What you’ll experience

Custom Volunteer Trip with Developing World Connections


Give yourself over to volunteer travel with meaning and purpose and you’ll find it touches you in ways you’ve never experienced before.


Custom Volunteer Trip With Developing World Connections


Open your eyes to a different world and your mind to a different connection with new people and a new culture. You’ll be surprised at how much you learn – not just about others, but about yourself.

Custom Volunteer Trip with Developing World Connections


Stretch yourself by working hard to build a better life for others. You’ll get a deep-down feeling of satisfaction that comes not just from being physically tired, but emotionally content.

Custom Volunteer Trip with Developing World Connections


Changing lives feels like nothing else you’ve experienced. You’re not just affecting how someone else lives, you’re changing your own way of looking at things.

Where do you want to go?


The Philippines are made up of more than 7,100 islands with a deep history and culture; you'll build a needed home or a school to make a brighter future

Trip: PHP01021.DH


Guatemala is distinguished by steep volcanoes, vast rainforests and ancient Mayan sites; its people are enjoying better health when they receive eco-stoves and community programs via DWC

Trip: GMA1021LUG


Most custom volunteer trips are not open to the public. Developing World Connections can take you to any of our destination countries and create a trip that works for you and your group.

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“Our team of dentist and hygienists from Canada are all out in promoting dental care and eliminating cavities at Mt. Olives Academy at Consolacion, Cebu City. One toothbrush for each student on the program, toothpaste and hand soap enough for a whole year was distributed. What a blessing it is to work together with Developing World Connections, who are our partners in Canada, as they keep on sending teams to Cebu to help, this time with oral health promotion. It fit perfectly with the time of the year and distributing the oral kit of toothbrushes, toothpaste and hand soap to 14 different schools with about 25,000 kids who are on the program.”


Students from the College of New Caledonia Dental School

Custom trip to Cebu, Philippines

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