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Youth & University Trips

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The work can be hard and you will get dirty, but along with the rewards of gaining solidarity and building friendships with people who live an entirely different life you will learn lessons that can’t be found in a classroom. These can be found on our youth and University trips.


What you’ll experience

Youth and University Trips with Developing World Connections

Travel for the Heart

Contribute to making someone else’s life better and discover that doing so not only makes them smile, but it also makes your heart feel bigger.

Youth and University Trips with Developing World Connections

Travel for the Mind

Explore everything that travelling to a new place and a new culture have to offer. Soak up everything around you, ask questions, be open to experience what makes your chosen country unique.

Youth and University Trips with Developing World Connections

Travel for the Body

Push yourself physically by working hard on a project that has significance and impact. You’ll be tired and probably sweaty, but it will feel so good.

Youth and University Trips with Developing World Connections

Travel for the Soul

Make a difference by volunteering and have an amazing time doing it. Meaningful work doesn’t have to be all serious – in fact, finding the fun and joy in it makes it an even deeper experience.

“We packed our bags last night and said goodbye to our host family early this morning. They have been so hospitable and accommodating during our entire stay and we were so glad to stay with them and experience village life! We are going to miss waking up to a cup of chai brought to our bedside, made with spices and fresh milk from our family’s cows. We are going to miss the rooftop with the most incredible view of the stars on a clear night. We are going to miss the food and our new Indian little brother who always wanted to play games on our phones. Most of all, I think we will miss the warmth of family that we got to watch and also be a part of for a short while.”

Vita, Ana and Mariana

Youth and University trip to Railmagra, India

Meet the team leaders

Keegan was born and raised in Kamloops, BC.  He graduated with honours from Sahali Secondary School in 2015 and was involved in many sports and volunteer activities.  He played basketball, volleyball, soccer and tennis throughout high school but basketball was his passion. He attends McGill University in Montreal where he is studying Physiology and continues to play many intramural sports and avidly volunteers. His love of travel has led him to participate in volunteer trips to Guatemala, Nepal and Peru.  He climbed Kilimanjaro in Africa and has also travelled to Europe and India. He is looking very forward to combining his interest in travel and volunteering as he leads a DWC trip to Nicaragua.

Keegan Marchand

DWC Student Team Leader

Jessica is a third year Public Affairs and Policy Management student. She was motivated  to become a DWC team leader after volunteering in Cambodia to build a water gate system and latrines for communities and work in Peru on a school library. She was driven to change the direction of her educational and career goals to focus on underdeveloped countries and helping others. Her volunteer vision fosters experiences and relationships that positively impact        volunteers lives as much as the projects’ impact the lives of those living in the community.

Jessica MacNeil

DWC Student Team Leader

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The Philippines are made up of more than 7,100 islands with a deep history and culture; you'll build a needed home or a school to make a brighter future

Trip: PHP01021.DH

We will customize a trip for your group or university class. Currently our open youth and university trips are destined for Costa Rica, but we can take you to any of our destinations. Check out our destinations for information about these countries, then talk to us.

Youth and University Trips with Developing World Connections

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Youth and University Trips with Developing World Connections

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