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Be a Team Leader

Become a team leader with Developing World Connections
Team leaders are essential on our volunteer trips overseas. They themselves are volunteers who have experience travelling and are willing to take on more commitment and responsibility.

We choose leaders who are knowledgeable about travelling in developing countries, who can be called upon in an emergency (they are required to have first aid training) and who want to make sure their team has the best experience possible.

Watch the video below to find out why people volunteer to be leaders with Developing World Connections.

What does a team leader do?

  1. Recruitment and advocacy: Team leaders recruit some of the volunteers for their trips abroad. The fees paid by volunteers cover the team leader’s cost, so at least six people need to sign up to make this work.
  2. Organization and planning: Team leaders work with DWC staff to organize teams and plan trip logistics. This can start a year in advance, although a lot of time isn’t required early on.
  3. Facilitation: Team leaders are responsible for ensuring volunteers’ safety in country. All of our team leaders must have level one first aid training. The team leader oversees a trip budget and acts as a liaison among the volunteers, the in-country partner and the community.

What qualities does a team leader have?

  • An outgoing personality
  • A proactive approach to problem solving
  • Trustworthiness
  • The ability to think analytically and logically
  • The ability to perform under stressful/uncertain conditions
  • A high emotional intelligence
  • The ability to remain calm and optimistic
  • Strong organizational, communication and leadership skills
  • Recruiting and team building skills
  • Enthusiasm for international development, global solidarity and service
  • Ideally, previous DWC experience (not required but preference is given to past volunteers)

How to apply:

1Complete the team leader application form.

2 Write a letter of interest outlining why you want to be a team leader. This letter must include:

  • Your leadership skills, style and experience
  • Your time availability and future commitments
  • Your international experience as applicable to this position
  • How you would successfully build a team of volunteers
  • How this position would fit within your personal short- and long-term goals

3 Submit your completed application form, letter of interest and resume:

  • Option 1: Email to [javascript protected email address]
  • Option 2: Fax to 250-851-9813
  • Option 3: Mail to:

    Developing World Connections
    RE: Team leader applications
    #220 – 141 Victoria Street, Kamloops, BC, V2C 1Z5

We’ll contact you about your application. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the email above or by phone (toll-free in North America) 1-866-458-8209.


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