Corporate Social Responsibility

Create a stronger team for your company while making life better for others

Corporate Social Responsibility

More than 75% of North Americans consider environmental and social factors before making purchase decisions.

Corporate giving isn’t limited to donations and sponsorships. It’s about employees getting involved, working alongside the boss and everyone joining together for a common good. This is corporate social responsibility.

It builds camaraderie, it builds teamwork, it builds a stronger corporate culture and it builds a greater world.

Socially responsible companies also attract better employees and more loyal customers. What have you got to lose?

As a Canadian non-profit organization, we can help you with your corporate social responsibility strategy. We’ll find a project that fits your corporate culture and your social responsibility goals.

Your involvement can be anything from a donation to a custom volunteer team trip. We have companies that send corporate teams out with us every year or two, while others support programs like Light Up Guatemala or give donations or sponsorships. Everyone has something to contribute and every contribution is important.


 How can my company get involved?

A corporate social responsibility partnership with us can range from a donation to a company volunteer trip abroad. Our goal is to help you create a program that aligns with your business. Here are a few ways to get involved:

  • A customized volunteer trip abroad for a group of your employees
  • Choosing an employee or two to join a volunteer trip as a reward program
  • Commitment to a longer-term, multi-trip project (ie. construction of a school, medical centre, irrigation system)
  • Sponsorship of a single trip or a project within a trip (ie. construction of a home, a well, latrine, etc.)
  • In-kind donation of expertise, products or services
  • Monthly cash donation


Meet a few of our corporate social responsibility partners:

  • Embassy BOSA: A prominent real estate developer based in Burnaby, B.C., Embassy BOSA is committed to annual donations to our organization, making a tremendous impact on our ability to fulfill our mission. Embassy BOSA employees have also participated on our volunteer trips, lending their construction expertise to some of the poorest communities in the world.
  • Softchoice: An IT company with a strong focus on sustainable business and a socially engaged workforce, Softchoice offers its employees a chance to volunteer abroad and put their skills to use in the developing world. Softchoice teams have built computers labs, set up servers and taught basic computer skills in Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Indonesia, Kenya and India.
  • Clearly: The largest online eyewear company in the world, Vancouver-headquartered Clearly joined up with us to deliver reading glasses and protective sunglasses to developing countries as part of their goal of making vision correction accessible worldwide. Clearly supports our teams to ensure needed eyewear gets to those who will benefit most from it.

See some of our CSR teams in action:

Soft Choice Video
Fluent Philippines Video

Let us fill you in

Please contact executive director Joshua Molsberry at [javascript protected email address] or call him at 1-250-434-2524 extension 15. Together, we’ll build your corporate social responsibility strategy and help change lives in the developing world.

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