Meet a Volunteer

Words can't always express what you see or feel, but our volunteers sure try

Meet a Volunteer

“I have found muscles I never knew I had – both from working hard and laughing. We laughed so much I feel it right down in my belly!”

“It is quite astonishing that while I came to make a difference to others, I feel that the life that has changed the most is my own.”

Adult and Family trip volunteers

Sri Lanka

“I love car rides. I just love watching. I love the moments when you catch a kid laughing on the side of the street, or a couple embracing, or the beautiful views that suddenly appear when you turn a corner. I loved being stuck in traffic, but not the 401-kind of traffic in Toronto. . . . I’m talking about hundreds of cows being herded down the street and just not being able to go anywhere until they’ve crossed.

“Despite sometimes being too hot and a little bit claustrophobic, I loved seeing Guatemala the way we did. We covered so much distance in so little time. Yet I still feel like I truly saw as much as possible. I even felt that because we saw so much and we were in such diverse places that it was like being in multiple countries. . . .

“I swam in limestone pools and tanned on the rocks like the hundreds of lizards in the jungle. I spent a beautiful and lazy afternoon tubing down a river with the girls on my team who became the closest of friends. I met amazing backpackers at a great hotel in Coban called El Retiro. I saw monkeys. I stood at the very top of a Mayan temple and felt like I was on top of the world, in every sense. I found a little known waterfall and jumped off with almost no hesitation – almost.

“I could go on forever about the last week, but I think you get the point. I did so much in such a short period of time I left Guatemala with the feeling that I could do anything. And I think I probably will.

“Hasta luego.”


Custom trip volunteer, Guatemala

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