The world is your classroom

Your passport is your notebook.
New experiences are your lessons.

The world is your classroom

“I just want to start off by saying that the people are amazing in this country.  While we work on the projects, the people just showed us the kindest side of humanity I have ever seen.  Whenever you try to say a word in Khmer, their faces light up and they love that you’re trying to speak to them.  The projects we are here to work on are to build two bathroom/latrines and two water gates.  I love working on these projects because they will actually have an impact on the farmers in the area in a positive way.  So many people’s lives will be changed forever!”


DWC volunteer to Cambodia

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Volunteer with Developing World Connections


DWC is a registered charity and can issue charitable receipts for all costs associated with the trip including flight. Trip fees cover all in-country costs including transport, food and accommodation as well as a substantial project contribution. DWC works with a travel agent to find the best flight prices and group bookings and can offer suggestions for and help to arrange affordable group cultural excursions for students outside of their service work. Whatever you choose to do, DWC offers many options to help volunteers – especially students – fundraise to pay for all or part of their trips. DWC provides an online platform for fundraising and will defer payment deadlines to allow for fundraising.

Volunteer with Developing World Connections

Safety and Security

DWC follows robust safety practices, maintains good relationships with trusted in-country partners and has a flawless track record. Our commitment to safety is always a priority and encompasses healthy meals and water, accommodation, transportation and addressing any safety issues abroad. Caring and dedicated Team Leaders are trained in first aid, and are experienced with age appropriate monitoring and leading. They adhere to a critical incident response plan and regularly review procedures and advisories to ensure all information is accurate and current. While the students will be taking some steps toward independence, they will travel within the security of a chaperoned group with responsible adults making sure everything goes smoothly.

Volunteer with Developing World Connections

Tailored Plan

We will customize a trip for your high school or even a particular class and choose the type of project and dates that meets the requirements of your school, school board and students. All DWC project locations in Asia, Africa and South America are open to student volunteers. Our trip coordinators will find the best match for your skills and cultural interests and design a comprehensive itinerary for aspiring student volunteers.

Volunteer with Developing World Connections

Service Learning

Working alongside others, engaging, learning and building friendships of mutual understanding encourages solidarity – a core principal in changing one’s global perspective. These trips make a positive impact on the lives of the people in those regions while student volunteers learn how their actions truly make a difference through meaningful experience. Facing unique challenges broadens their view of the world and themselves and can steer future direction.

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There are currently no trips set for this type. For a list of all our current trips, please visit the Trip Schedule page, or give us a call at 250-434-2524 for more details.

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“Today was the last day on site and despite knowing that it was the last day with the children, we maintained our positive attitudes. Teresa graciously offered us a tour of the community and we were permitted to experience various environments and levels of poverty. Everyone had developed a solemn mood because even though we saw smiling faces, our eyes would still look behind that and see the effects that impoverishment had on the families.”


DWC volunteer to Guatemala, Company

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