Sri Lanka – irrigation project – weekend update October 27, 2015

Mountain valley Sri Lanka

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Everyone pitches in, even in the mud

Today is Tuesday at 6 a.m. We had a long mucky day yesterday as it rained hard on the weekend. Running the pipe through the ditch becomes that much tougher when you lose a shoe in the mud.

The backhoe almost has all the trench dug and then we can finish up the remaining homes, giving access to water via the taps that we will install.

Villagers are eager for their access to the water supply. It will help a great deal during the dry season.

Many have helped us along the way which has made things more efficient. Most don’t wear shoes so they have no problem getting in the muck to help us out.

Weekend jungle safari

One thing that has been a highlight of our trip has been the downtime where we have been able to also see the country. The elephant is from a jungle safari and the sandy pictures are from a dinner we had at a friend of Raelene’s. She has been an excellent resource of ideas during our stay along with being a great place to stay. 

Tony on behalf of the team: Larry, Dave, Jordan, Wade and Jeff
DWC / Rotary
Sri Lanka, October 2015

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