Peru, Lima: Bodwell High School – exploring and building April 19, 2016

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Exploring Lima

On our third day, we had a break from construction work. In the morning, we visited a local fruit market where we met people from Ato Colibri, an organization that helps teenagers like ourselves to have better working conditions for their jobs in the market. We bought various fruits including mangoes, watermelons, pineapples and oranges, which were very cheap and fresh.

After lunch, we took a 2 tour in downtown Lima. We visited two of the main churches in the city. We discovered that religion is a very important aspect of the culture in Peru. The churches also had cemeteries underneath it called the “catacombs”. Some found it exciting while others found it scary.

Building walls

After a day of relaxation, we went back to the days of construction work which lasted roughly the whole day. After we finished building a particular wall, we signed it with our names and country, as seen done by Naho.

Once the work was completed, we were warmly welcomed by one of the founders of the school on which we are working. She helped us to understand more about the causes of our work and the lifestyle of the general community.

Bianca Ferrajohn 
Assistant Principal Bodwell High School DWC Team Member
Peru, April  2016

Posted in on April 19, 2016