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Give With Bosa

Join Ryan Bosa in giving this Christmas.
You can change the lives of people in the developing world by supporting one of these meaningful DWC programs.

In the poorest communities where DWC serves, feeding a family was a task that was hard at the best of times, but with mandatory house confinement and the closure of workplaces and markets due to efforts to slow the spread of Covid-19, it has become much harder.

Covid-19 Emergency Response program is providing immediate famine relief in Peru, Cambodia, the Philippines and Sri Lanka. Ration packages and health supplies are directly delivered to families facing hunger and at risk of falling deeper into the poverty cycle.

As the pandemic situation continues to evolve around the world, your generosity assists those on the front lines to nourish the families and people that need it the most. 

Globally, women form the majority of the of the world’s extreme poor. An estimated one in three women will experience gender-based violence in her lifetime. Ensuring girls enter and stay in the classroom is crucial to eradicate global poverty.

Every Girl provides access to education for girls in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Guatemala who live on the fringes of poverty. Removing barriers such as the costs of tuition, books and even transportation opens doors that allow girls to achieve their full potential. Your gift will also provide social support services for those suffering from violence. 

Empower one girl and you will change her life forever.